Ruddy Drops & Fragile Bonds

For kith and kin

And all my friends

My heart treasures

Memories beyond measure

Together we created history

While life unraveled its mystery

A knock ever so gentle

A hesitant whisper

Promptly did filter

Hearts started to shrink

Transported us to the brink

The soul is now blistered

The conflicts are registered

Shredded and tattered

Regardless to all that mattered

The onslaughts were harsh

Outbursts so rash

Could barely conceal the gnashes

While everything reduced to ashes

Shattering us as a whole

With large gaping holes

It was difficult to mend

With no one ready to bend

The heart beat relentlessly

It raced fruitlessly

The ruddy drops coursed frantically

For there were no solutions no props

Its chambers were blocked

Tender feelings were locked

Ruddy drops continued to trickle

White chasms deepened with minds so fickle

For kith and kin

And all my friends.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

(Images: Pinterest)

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