Midnight Rendezvous

On a midsummer eve I sat in my chamber engaged in idle contemplation
Shrouded by despondency, stifled and restless, solitary I ventured forth
A wondrous sight to behold, the sky illuminated by innumerable celestial lamps.

A nebulous mosaic arrayed on placid waters, the mischievous twinklers did entice me
Drawn by an invisible force as if in a trance, I found myself beside the lake
Where the stars had descended to create divine artistry of cosmic brilliance.

It seemed so right to dialogue at night with companions so bright, I sat motionless
In silent communion, memories resurrected with chiseled perfection
As constellations transformed to familiar faces and recollections.

We sallied forth forgotten roads with mirth and glee in fun and frolic to haunts now haunted.
Condemned to err with arms outstretched, I dared to bind them but alas! A ripple uninvited
Widened the breach, with elusive winks they frenzily darted out of my reach.

My reckless covetousness drove away my nocturnal companions.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

(Images: Pinterest)

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