The Spoils Of Love

The contemptuous sea heaved with a mighty swell

Its angry waves threatened to flood the realm of hell

A thunderous tempest swept the shore

Where stood a waif braving the outpour

A tumultuous storm raged within her

The capricious sea was no match to her

A storm greater than Galilee or Gilgamesh 

Surged to drown her in a briny mist

Betrayed for passions which were shared 

Battered and splintered lonely in desertion 

Soiled and spoiled seeking redemption 

With arms outstretched and fury unleashed 

She invoked the sea and the sky

They did grieve to see her cry

The caliginous sky lit the sea with a silver streak

The sullen waters released a deep loud roar

And Ceto riding high on the waves descended to the shore 

Accompanied by gorgons, nymphs and sirens

Embraced the wretched derelict therein

Her storm abated

Serenity and calm pervaded 

Smiling at their benevolence 

She was carried to the depth of the ocean.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

(Images: Pinterest)

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