In Love’s Refuge

When roses bleed and thorns caress

Laughter mocks and tears bless

Loved ones intrude and strangers please

Clarity blurs and obscurities blossom 

The hearth is dead and the wilderness awakened 

The sun scorches and the clouds are stationed 

The walks are lonely and the streets are thronging 

Bonds are loose and apprehension swarming 

Wreck and a chaotic ruin

With your mind in a whirl and spin

Invoke your senses and remember me

For with tenderness will I usher you within my fold

Assuage all the misery untold

Steeped in unbound affection

Look beyond imperfection

Shower a love so chaste

That will rekindle memories erased 

And with a touch ever so gentle

My beguiling cherub cradle you within me like a pearl.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

(Images: Pinterest)

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