Poetic Quandries

Learning to write

A stupendous task submerged in rhyme

Fleeting thoughts and fleeing prime

A bizarre collection ready to be culled

Drafted by a gigantic mound waiting to be sculled

Dare I venture forth

Many a constraint many a doubt to gauge worth

A mere droplet in an ocean’s expanse

Will merge or remain obscure perchance

Insistent hammering the earnest call

The compulsions of the mind and the soul

Must I surrender and be swept by the deluge

Dither a bit or be swamped by a zeal renewed

Quench rather than throttle

Appease dormant craving before extinction

Shun incessant doubts lest languish and perish

A pure earnest endeavour to cherish

Vanquish all fears and apprehension

Strive forth without pretension

Undaunted by multiple dimension

You are not there in contention but as an extension

Not to outshine but to illumine the shrine.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

(Images: Pinterest)

19 thoughts on “Poetic Quandries

  1. I read and I think to myself, no I have not banished all fears like I thought. I have not even surrendered all the way yet… and then I think, it is always a process isn’t it? This is what your poem personally means to me.

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    1. You add a new dimension.when our work strikes a chord it gives pleasure.On a personal level the travails of human existence keep us in check and in a constant state of agitation. I hope I make sense.:)

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      1. I had to think about the feeling of ‘constant state of agitation’… but you are right, it is churning like a wheel, metal against metal… like writers – iron sharpens iron. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much.I strongly believe the presence of the spiritual being in our lives.Its presence overwhelms me and it is awe inspiring .Its great to get a feedback.


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