Innocence Lost

A room full of children
All in array
Sad and confused unable to comprehend
What transformed their laughter
Into mutilation and slaughter
With their limbs in cast
And their eyes overcast
Tormented by trauma and pain
For an act so senseless and insane
How evil and vile did the dastardly strike
Regardless to censure and open dislike
Only someone so debased and repugnant
Could execute an act so heartless
To strew the path of little angels
With darkness and pain.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

(Images: Google)

29 thoughts on “Innocence Lost

  1. What a gorgeous poignant piece Veena. I can relate to that. Thank you for your caring heart tearing words. If French people could understand them I am sure it would help them a lot in the wake of the massacre that took place two days ago in Nice.

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    1. Thanks .The brutality of the horrific incident was so distressing that I could not contain many lives and families scarred and broken.It is so senseless and deplorable.

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      1. I can understand this feeling and your need to bring it out of you using your words. I share this feeling. Tragedies like these are unshakable. No matter how hard you try to make sense of it, you are at loss. Such brutality. Killing people for the sake of it. It will never make any sense to me.

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  2. Only too much. Neither did I admit crying earlier over the print of the girl with the yellow dress (can I find this artwork, also?), but I just did, again, on seeing the other picture of the doll, etc., which hadn’t loaded in my browser earlier. All this is so hard to bear. Thanks again for your poetry.

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      1. That’s so kind of you to let me copy it from you. I’d like to add it to the Audrey Hepburn quote I recently posted; your poem has so many dimensions, which simultaneously allude to the art, as well as to different experiences. Now I have to go see if I can figure out how to do this thing, or not…

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  3. Humanity comes-up more lively and loudly, with more courage and strength whenever each of these inhumane tragedies derail us. These lines are a worthy tribute to the precious lives lost in the quagmire. Let there be light..

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  4. Children are exposed to so much more I never knew as a child. The world is running wild, especially because of what things the media perpetuates. You can only protect your own as best you can, and even that falls short from what we really would like to see happen.

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    1. Thank you .The blog is my daughter ‘s creation .She pushed me to start blogging and now she thinks I am getting addicted to it.Sending you her link do visit it at leisure.

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