Fatal Attraction 

Selene, the celestial orb trapped in obscurity

Was pale and weary with scant to whet her curiosity

She crawled to emerge from oblivion with eagerness to grace her pavilion

No longer to tarry churlishly she glided into the dark sky

Oh! What a beauty to behold on a crescent she was perched

With stars and sabre beads she emerged

Her fervour renewed she scanned her domain

Languidly she blossomed with vivaciousness difficult to contain

The rapturous verses grew she became imperious

She swelled in in glory euphoric and delirious

Satiated and surfeited she peered from her ethereal firmament

Her gaze was arrested by a planet so blue

Where amidst the boundless azure expanse

She spotted Poseidon riding high on waves

A creature so magnificent she had never seen before

A passion so intense surge never felt afore

A fribble so noble to ensnare in frivolous mirth

With utmost contrivance and guile

The enchantress cast a spell

The arrow pierced well

Poseidon hypnotised and with a gaze transfixed

Rose to conquer in vain for his pursuit was jinxed

Enthralled by the temptress valiantly did he press

The breakers did roar all efforts were fruitless

The maid was an unconstant seductress

She mounted her chariot with her winged horses in harness

Disappeared in the veil of darkness

The waters regressed

The passion not receded

Oft he muses forlorn and perplexed

The orbital eccentricity was fatal

Amphitrite’s forewarning unheeded

Now chastened and chidden he rides at her heel.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
(Images: Pinterest)

37 thoughts on “Fatal Attraction 

  1. What a lovely poem Veena aunty! Just loved it, especially since it involved greek mythology. I always found their stories fascinating, many are very similar to our own Indian stories. This poem is a class apart. I hope to learn some poetic wizardry from you like Tanya has! 😉

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