Divergent Bearings

An eternal chasm a generational rift it appears will never be breached A vicious reoccurrence creating barriers insurmountable never perceived Creating situations ponderous a familiar reminder of a path now in disuse with no reprieve Then oblivious to our actions all the petulance the insolence impossible to retrieve The vehement declaration—Our predecessors are obdurate essentially… Continue reading Divergent Bearings

Somber Portals: From Darkness To Light

An egress strong and compelling distinctly marks its realm Majestic and towering reveals or conceals what transpires therein  A formidable whimsical structure scanning admittance or rejection It is a passive witness to many a jubilation and humiliation  Its dual faced ambivalence hinged to swing with an yielding grace Interlinks and connects all what proceeds on… Continue reading Somber Portals: From Darkness To Light

Bitter Mortification- An Anguished Lament

In a hamlet buzzing with life there stands a dwelling desolate and ostracised  It’s gates are barred and windows heavily draped and blinded At close deliberation I perceive shuffled movement and incoherent sounds from within An irresistible urge an intrusive instinct I find myself drawn to the forsaken door therein To behold a wraith distorted… Continue reading Bitter Mortification- An Anguished Lament