Foreboding Illusions

Happily he lived in the land of illusions

Blessed was he with a bounty of benign distribution 

His abode was a haven of repose and opulence 

Where swarmed family and friends in gay confluence 

Professing loyalties and bonds harmonious unheard

Never had one visioned so deceptive a herd

The sagacious did forewarn that it was a delusion 

Recklessly he denounced their wisdom and conclusion

In stature he grew nurtured by crafty deception 

Those lowly couching and base fawning the counterfeited smiles of wily conception 

Till profanity invoked the wrath of the gods 

Who with Ate at their heels descended 

To reek havoc and wreck his complacency 

The veils of deception were unraveled with brutal transparency 

Devastated and forlorn he sat on a mound of wreckage 

Now he confessed foolish he had been in pursuit of a mirage

Then awakened within a glimmer of hope his last resort a welcome abode

A portal so precious his utmost treasure with a heart swelling with joy he rode

Resided within a chimera of deceit replete with innuendoes and lascivious smiles

Who had enthralled and lulled him to her mesmerising aisles 

But now the portals were barred and desolate 

In foreboding apprehension he smote at the gate

He pleaded and ranted none came to his call

All the while the maid stood by the chamber window with her fresh haul

Deemed to replicate Aphrodite in grace and disgrace 

He had enthroned her to exalted heights beyond Olympus

But she a vagrant spirit had scorned him as Aphrodite had spurned Hephaestus 

Ravaged and devastated a mere apparition wanders seeking asylum.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

Images: Pinterest

28 thoughts on “Foreboding Illusions

  1. Thank you reading my blog.. And I too like your blog…you have beautifully presented it.. Thanks you for this beautiful experience…And once again thanks for visiting and liking my Thank you..

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      1. Your welcome, you have inspired me more than you know… And Thank you i appreciate you visiting my blog .. warning.. My poetry is kinda vulgar but it comes from a true intention..

        Liked by 1 person

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