Bitter Mortification- An Anguished Lament

In a hamlet buzzing with life there stands a dwelling desolate and ostracised 

It’s gates are barred and windows heavily draped and blinded

At close deliberation I perceive shuffled movement and incoherent sounds from within

An irresistible urge an intrusive instinct I find myself drawn to the forsaken door therein

To behold a wraith distorted and distracted in a state of abject agitation 

Vehemently she pronounced the denunciation of her progeny a stern proscription 

Severing all chords which strengthened when the umbilical cord distended 

Mournfully she reminisces the inexplicable joy of motherhood 

The procreation of self the infant she had rapturously suckled and nursed

Rejoiced and celebrated his childhood and adolescence 

Now unable to envisage a metamorphosis so horrendous 

Which shamed her stern vigil and created an insurgent so hideous 

What angst? What dissension? Bred such senseless insurgence

In vain she ponders had she nurtured him on anarchy violence and abhorrence 

Her credibility questioned she struggled to trace any perceptible contribution

In manifestation of those grotesque fanatical alien dimensions 

The evolution of a Mephistopheles a demonic exterminator

On a relentless rampage striking with recurring frequency and spasmodic violent waves

Leaving behind carnage and bloodshed at an accelerated pace

A reign of terror fracturing humanity with fissures widening 

A sullied mortality a bleeding fraternity visibly segregating

Drifting in distrust and apprehension seeking refuge in personal spaces

Sowing seeds of hatred hostility and animosity among races

With a heart wrenching lament she cried

Oh!That scourge! A black sheep will never be welcome to my fold

And never to be misquoted or misconstrued she does not wait for the prodigal 

But seeks atonement in reformation of his creed to conserve humanity 

To usher repose and the dawn of the reinstatement of love peace and universal brotherhood.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

(Images: Pinterest)

46 thoughts on “Bitter Mortification- An Anguished Lament

      1. This is my official blurb:
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    1. Hi! Appreciate your comments and a deep insight.Those who spread terror and anarchy never pause to contemplate its destructive consequences on their families and society.It is sad that their warped fanatical thought spreads pain and suffering.This post is an attempt to gauge the overall impact of these senseless dastardly acts.


  1. I am not a parent yet but I shudder to think what it must be like for a parent to call their own child a “scourge” or raise a child not knowing that he or she may turn out to be a blot on humanity. You have skillfully brought out the vulnerability and agony of a grieving parent of a “prodigal” son or an insurgent in this anguished lament!

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    1. Thank you so much.Just an attempt to to expose the consequences of terrorism and it effects humanity .It fails to discriminate between all bonds family friends and society.It spares none.


  2. Love the way you expressed your thoughts here, spreading the message of love over hatred! Beautifully written, I have no words to praise your writing! Of this I’m sure, I hope all your poems are collectively published in a book so that future generations can improve their understanding of the nuances of poetry in the english language. I know, I’d make my kids read that book for sure! πŸ™‚

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    1. Now you are being very kind. All this appreciation makes me feel so good.Thanks a lot for sparing time to read and reflect on my thoughts.It gives me confidence to continue for I feel my style is conservative and restricted very different to the contemporary way.The use of language inspite of my conscious efforts harbors on verbosity .This often is a matter of concern.Your comments smoothen many a wrinkle. πŸ™‚

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      1. I always look forward to reading your poems Veena aunty! And I’m not just singing praises, I really do mean it. There is so much to learn from you, every poem teaches something new. And I’m not talking about words here, but more about the structure and flow of ideas through the poems. It’s an art, and clearly you’re an expert artist! Cheers πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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