Weeping Woodlands

Beyond the urban sprawl and the fringe of concrete civilisation was heard a thunderous reverberation

A harsh demonic grating of electric saws and frenzied verbal agitation

A rude intrusion to our peaceful activities in the shade of a sprawling tree

Soon peace pervaded and a tutored voice within carelessly registered another indiscriminate human spree

This is the fashion of the day the slash the burn the endless acts of deforestation

The wanton human lust the reckless race the insatiable desires to be appeased without hesitation

Lost in reverie I was soon overcome by drowsiness and lulled into slumber

Rudely awakened by the tinkling of anklet bells and a melodious number

As if in a trance I visioned Aranyani the elusive goddess of the glade beckoning me to the wilderness

Mesmerised I followed eager to keep pace with her agile gait in unwarranted recklessness

Deep in the weald in a clearing enthroned was a pantheon so wondrous

All divinities of the coppice gods goddesses nymphs spirits good and monstrous

The assembly all grim and sombre gathered in parley concerned about their declining regime

Actaeon, the God of wilderness thundered that mortal greed must be curbed

Had they not provided from cradle to coffin

Selflessly forgiven all acts rapacious and erroneous

But the onslaught not to recede the clamorous approach now mutilated their souls with effects horrendous

The Dryads the nymphs of the trees mourned their frequent dislocation

Weary were they of impermanence unfamiliar shelters and relocation

Then the Goddess of Earth Gaea did concede the failing within

Never had they protested

Had they opposed the tree feelings in the Cedar forest

When the Sumerian heroes of Gilgamesh had rampaged

Undaunted ravages flourished in the Merkwood

Roman Hercynian forest and all possible forestation

Emboldened and unrestrained the surge advanced with aggression and determination

At the periphery I stood stupefied and grounded a mute spectator

A partner in creating ecological trauma and mutilation of our benign benefactor

An errant Xylophile silently I vowed to make amends

To recreate and conserve the pristine glory trampled by urban chaos.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

Images: Pinterest

53 thoughts on “Weeping Woodlands

  1. I’ve read all your posts. Not only are the issues you choose to write about, deservedly, attention-seekers, but also the proficiency with which you do it is impressive. You’re an incredible writer. Keep at it! 🙂

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  2. This was fantastic! Not only as a rabid environmentalist, but as a historian, This made me smile as it connected the past, to the ethereal, to the present, to our souls. All interconnections!

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    1. Many a time my daughter helps me to find them on pintrest. She puts it on the blog. In fact I started blogging on her insistence.She writes beautifully you must visit her blog also.

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    1. Thank you.Kunal roles are reversed .we encouraged and helped our children to blossom now I enjoy the same security and comfort.I had to evolve and find myself with filial support.God bless your generation for the care and concern they show. My work reflects that support.


  3. Amazing piece of art again. All the works i find on this blog are enough to scare me! 🙂 I need to spend a few years to learn at least a half of the words used! .I failed to find the like button though.

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      1. 🙂 I am not a writer actually hence they are not much of literary value. I write just anything and often make people feel miserable too.

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  4. Beautifully written Veena aunty! We certainly need to do more to save the environment. And once again the touch of mythology in this one just made me love it more. I’m afraid most people today would be lost due to all those references, but your poetry is a work of pure genius!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. 😂 I love it too, but writing poems on it seems a herculean task! (pun intended) 😜

        Always happy to read your Greco-Roman poems! (it’s easier and much better than trying to concoct one of my own 😁😛)

        Liked by 1 person

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