Somber Portals: From Darkness To Light

An egress strong and compelling distinctly marks its realm

Majestic and towering reveals or conceals what transpires therein 

A formidable whimsical structure scanning admittance or rejection

It is a passive witness to many a jubilation and humiliation 

Its dual faced ambivalence hinged to swing with an yielding grace

Interlinks and connects all what proceeds on either side of its face                                                         

In distinct variance is the duplexity of man a Judas kiss

Cloaked in the garb of chicanery a veil of duplicity a shroud for all that is amiss 

A counterfeited facade camouflaging a daunting interior

Often a joyful countenance disguising a dreary worrier

Guarding in its innermost recesses a door heavily timbered spiked and barred

The abode of a darkened soul mauled and shunned by dearth of benevolence 

A simmering cauldron festering humiliation and malevolence

Relegated to self imprisonment and isolation

Breathlessly flailing for release from a bastion impregnable before obliteration 

A pathetic image of abject misery and callous indifference and intoleration

An entreaty to indulgent souls to salvage prior extinction

With an insistent knock an earnest endeavor pry open closed darkened doors

With a new key unfold golden ingress and sweep away all acrimony and desolation

To reap a rich harvest of love warmth and renewed communication.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood ~

Images: Pinterest


43 thoughts on “Somber Portals: From Darkness To Light

  1. Good read as always! It often happens that certain unsavory experiences and rude encounters pushes one on the verge of darkness, when you retract into a shell and become a recluse…shutting all doors and keeping them heavily guarded with your own surliness and spite and harshness… it becomes your wall against the world, not letting anyone close or in, almost impervious. That’s when you need to look for that “new key” to open the door and let your soul out that’s been enslaved by your own darkness. Break fee from your self imposed imprisonment.

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  2. Amazing vocabulary! My hands are reaching out the dictionary. πŸ™‚ Much to learn for a person like me who hardly reads that too old , formal , literature English. Well, I am sure the dark soul will be rescued as there is always dawn after dark. It’s just the matter of time. The dark soul must be trying to slumber behind the closed doors if not haunting the visitors.

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    1. Thank you.I am happy that you enjoy my posts.My intentions are not to intimidate anyone with my way of expression but it is a natural flow. I guess a generation ahead of you we grew up with a passion towards English literature which is reflected in my writing.As for those trapped in creation of their fears and apprehensions they will definitely find light if they seek it in earnest.:)

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    1. It is difficult to gauge the complexities of human nature equally difficult to know what festers within .I feel if a little concern of ours can help those who around us the world would be a better place to live in.

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