Divergent Bearings

An eternal chasm a generational rift it appears will never be breached

A vicious reoccurrence creating barriers insurmountable never perceived

Creating situations ponderous a familiar reminder of a path now in disuse with no reprieve

Then oblivious to our actions all the petulance the insolence impossible to retrieve

The vehement declaration—Our predecessors are obdurate essentially obsolete

Propelling generational variance creating an environment overfed with conceit

Our progeny a grim reflection in haste to replicate our deeds and gestures

With an impatient urge to seek fresh pathways identities and pursue fresh ventures

The transition is not peaceful it never has been for it is difficult to concede

That they are not aggressors but our natural successor to whom we hesitate to accede

A sociological progression with no intent towards segregation or isolation

On keen contemplation there is no antagonism or supersession its merely regeneration

A matter of acceptance a duty charitable and generous to enhance communication

To give ground to the new generation for growth perseverance and perpetuation

An integrated endeavor a peaceful adaptation to create inter generational space.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

Images: Pinterest

30 thoughts on “Divergent Bearings

  1. A generational rift truly feels like an eternal chasm…a vicious cycle! Every new generation thinks they know it all, they know it better while the previous believes the that the kids know nothing for they are after all, just kids! It maybe true but here’s where the fissures lie. The new generation is impatient to do things “our way” and the previous ones must allow them as this is their chance to try and take a fall and learn from their mistakes. Reluctance leads to friction from both sides. What is needed is a little breathing space, some flexibility and willingness to accommodate each other’s view point and ideas that can make way for inter generational harmony… and you’ve explained this all beautifully with your impeccable hold on words, once again!

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      1. True…very true! Especially in an age where kids are consumed by an overload of information and social media that they are loosing the essence of physical connect; it becomes all the more necessary to create a healthy environment that is open and inviting to the Gen Next so they don’t feel isolated or being condescended at…It’s the only way to deal with the evil that follows the boon that social media and every new technological advancement is with the turn of every new era.

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