Divine Wrath & Mortals

The caliginous skies reverberated with thunderous utterances 

The Olympian gods and goddesses stood in mute reverence 

While Zeus fumed and paced in provoked agitation 

The trick of Mecone the bag of bones bestowed by Prometheus had been a source of humiliation 

Prometheus had erred again scorned his decision his position and procured fire to mankind

Such defiance and insolence must be stemmed a wrong precedent to be stringently confined

Now all cosmological dissension and celestial strife perpetually cause human travail 

As earthlings were the reason for Prometheus disobedience all consequences on them must prevail 

Zeus commanded Hephaestus to wrought in his forge a creature divine and gorgeous

And lo behold! everybody was astounded at the creation exquisite sensual and so beauteous 

The gods did swoon and rejoice and with generous munificence bestowed benefactions

Aphrodite Apollo and Hermes graced her with boons to enhance her person to their satisfaction 

Pandora! The Curse of Zeus was now ready to decimate Prometheus beloved creation

Zeus descended on earth sought Epimetheus and offered Pandora as a companion 

Epimetheus enthralled captivated by the tantalizing beauty disregarded caution 

And in reckless haste overlooked Prometheus warnings and fell in the trap

Zeus did bless them with an exquisite box and cautioned that the lock should never snap

Curiosity aroused and all efforts of restrain in vain Pandora stealthily unlocked the box

With a terrible buzz and a mighty thrust evil spirits flew out to occupy new regions to breed

Viciously they stung the onslaught heightened she writhed in agony a victim of the hosts she had freed

She had unleashed a fearsome fate unforeseen and unimaginable 

The malevolent Sprite conquered all domains imaginable 

Then spake the boldest with malicious magnificence 

A domain chaste remains untouched and is of great significance 

Therein will I reside and plant the seven deadly sins 

Which in camaraderie with poverty illness misery and mortality 

Will reap a race riotous rebellious and notorious in totality 

A knell was sounded the golden age of man collapsed 

Epimetheus admonished Pandora for her betrayal and all that had elapsed 

 A voice so feeble an insistent knock was heard from the jar

With diffidence and wary hesitation they held it a jar

Out flew a benign spirit radiating supreme goodness 

Perhaps an afterthought an inclusion to ameliorate the harshness 

A healing Sprite Elpis the spirit of hope a savior a pathway to redemption 

An anchor a stronghold guiding with temperance and optimism

To endure hardships overcome impediments and seek deliverance with positivism.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

Images: Pinterest

21 thoughts on “Divine Wrath & Mortals

    1. Thank you so much. You are such an encouragement. I will surely put up a post in a few days. Honestly I feel so motivated. Thanks .😊😊😊


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