Vibrant Rejuvenation – A Passionate Appeal 

Behold a solitary figure away from inquisitive gaze lost and floundering 

Dispassionate and unconcerned oblivious to her surrounding

While nature displayed her gracious charm unabashed 

The azure sky a canvas of beauty unsurpassed

The golden orb radiated warmth and a dazzling brilliance 

A truant wispy cloud perched precariously on a snow capped mountain at a distance 

Birds glided smoothly across the ultramarine expanse in a decorous array

In close contention the earth outshone the ethereal magnificence with a proud display 

The rural ambience abounded in mesmerizing sights and joyous sounds 

A breathtaking panoramic feast captivated one and all around

Unmoved she sat in solitariness wrapped in self imposed seclusion 

Choking and crumpling within widening the lacuna with woeful reflections

The abysmal pit hollow and dark resonated the cacophonous conflicting emotions 

In vain she tried to end the strife stifle the silent screams and the frenzied commotion 

Hopelessly she failed to erect an impregnable guard and misery writ large on her face

Gave vent to a vehement outburst and all confines were breached 

A sorrowful lament rent the air as her mournful cries beseeched 

My mind is numb I am an utter waste on the brink of extinction 

Sinking in a deep void of abject misery on the precipice of annihilation 

Falsely was I led profusely I have bled but now I seek redemption 

My solace my refuge my loyal companions take me in your hands

My kind merciful feathered friends carry me across the skies to unknown land

Bear me to fresh climes lest I perish in this flightless and elusive homeland

The golden orb yonder shine so bright and illumine the darkness within 

Oh! The compassionate winds caress my face and whisper soothing tidings

Oh! Regenerative natural elements I implore to thee to heal me and release me from the hiding 

The present is spent and yesterday dimmed to cast no shadow on tomorrow 

To surge ahead to rebuild and resurrect I rise and shun all sorrow

On many a ruin were mighty empires build 

Like the Phoenix I immolate the decay embalm from the ashes to rise in glorious splendor.

By: Veena Umesh Sood 

Images: Pinterest 

64 thoughts on “Vibrant Rejuvenation – A Passionate Appeal 

  1. Well worded, well rhymed, a thought well articulated…one can feel the pain and the restlessness to break free and break away and the urge and willingness to seek redemption and to step out of the darkness into the light. Love the contrast between the character and the nature!

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    1. Hi Rabia! First of all let me thank you for your wonderful comments. They keep me going. Whenever I have doubts I just remind myself about all the love and appreciation which is coming my way and I move on with renewed zest. Thanks.

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      1. Hi Veena! If I’ve not told you already, love your name. It’s so pretty. I’m so glad my comments can provide a positive influence on you. Your posts are such a joy to read. I thank you as well for your comments and even likes. It makes the blogosphere wonderful


      2. Thank you so much.The word Veena is derived from vina, the musical instrument of goddess Sarswati, the goddess of learning.I love blogging and the active participation of fellow bloggers brings tremendous joy.

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    1. Hi Shreya please omit the ji, Veena will do. Thanks once again for your appreciation. You write well on the contrary I find my work conventional and repetitive.You and your generation explore a lot more. I enjoy blogging it like a whiff of fresh air amidst all the materialism which surrounds us. Thanks once again.

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  2. This is absolutely amazing and in my opinion relevant in many of our lives. As someone who has blanketed herself in seclusion; allowing self destruction to feel comfortable, like the Phoenix I was able to rise. This is just so beautiful and perfectly written. Thank you.

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  3. So refreshing! So inspiring! and so much to learn from. It’s really a privilege to read your poetry. No negativity, no slushy sentimentality. Just wonderful! And such work of art. One of the best blogs I came across if not the best ( I doubt).

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  4. Wow! Amazing choice of words! I loved how it flowed when I read it out aloud in an English accent! Nice rhyming scheme too! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much. Been off my blog for so long and all such appreciation is so tempting to get back and to interact with fellow bloggers . Thanks a lot for the motivation.


      1. You’re welcome! Yeah, I did notice you haven’t posted in a while. Life gets in the way sometimes or inspiration gets lost once in a while. It’s okay. Just post whenever you’re ready.

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  5. Reblogged this on Loneliness Isn't Real and commented:
    Hello to my vibrant, fallen angels! Once in a while, it’s great to step aside from posting (especially during a writer’s block… I won’t tell if you won’t LOL) and give a fellow blogger the recognition and publicity they need to feel inspired again. Veena is amazing! I love her choice of sophisticated language and rhyming schemes. This poem, specifically, really stuck out for me. Well, I hope you enjoy! (And please check out her blog when you can!)


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