Fraternal Leanings – Unwavering Loyalties

With remorseful eyes I gaze at the orange glow which fades in the horizon
A decrepit frail soul deflated and rusted tormented by conflicting passion
A tenebrous silhouette a mere shadow darkened to obsidian closer to death
With a cumbersome burden of unresolved concerns to rectify before final breath
The dying embers in the distance brighten the Stygian sky before the final call
It enkindles embers within momentarily emblazing the soul with the forbidden haul.

Brother dear! You were my guide my anchor my pride
Together we shared common passions with nothing to hide
Our hearts did rejoice with common goals carefree laughter and a fierce fraternal tug
We swam across the river to secret haunts and scaled mountains with many a hug
The heartbreaks the secrets of adolescence the unrequited fancies to you did I disclose
The turbulence of youth the restlessness and recklessness you did bridle and dispose.

Fraternal rivalries a common phenomenon with myriad instances of honest reconciliation
That we have erred I do agree let sagacity prevail to shed rabid barriers and revive reparation
You were my keeper and Kane and Abel we were not, let’s compromise and bury the separation
We are the warriors the comrades of yester years reminiscences of childhood escapades craving reunion
Let us ignite the dormant love and stamp out the smoldering hate and simmering wrath
Vanquish the malice and untrod the perfidious treacherous war-path.

The frailty of time and in judiciousness I implore to bury grievous wrongs and restore the fall
To embrace on familiar grounds and mitigate the past before the heavens call.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
Images: Pinterest


51 thoughts on “Fraternal Leanings – Unwavering Loyalties

  1. Wow!! Perfect in the present conditions and a wonderful comparison (I wish I could’ve used as fancy words as you have but my short term memory has been hampered, rather conveniently after four cycles of chemo πŸ˜€).

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  2. Such beautiful work. So much to learn. I need some time to understand it completely. Even I have past memories that that brings me enormous pain- abuse, race of egos, satanic laughters in the veil of insincere apologies and even more grievous.. But I believe each experience in life holds a meaning.

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      1. So true. Sometimes I feel that I was forced to grow up even when I had happily chosen to remain a kid. And now I can’t grow down…kidding! πŸ™‚


  3. A message for all the couples having troubles in their relationship. Restoration of faith ain’t easy but that’s the test which most couples go through. If you have a heart then loyalty , etc doesn’t matter at all. Awesome poem really 😊😘

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    1. I like your perspective..Every relationship needs a lot of under standing space and sacrifice.It is a conscious effort to build and maintain any relationship.Thanks for your interpretation and participation.

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    1. Thank you for appreciating my post . Not a great poet myself I write about things that touch me deeply. When my expression finds readership it gives me pleasure to connect. In someways it soothes my soul . Thanks once again . It gives happiness to be read and commented on.

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