Felicitations To True Love: Beyond The Heptad

Farther than the planets seven
Beyond the measureless seas seven
Far and above the heavens seven
Rising further than the starry sisters seven
More wonderful than the wonders seven
Melodious than the diatonic scale seven
Unfolding joys sevenfold seven
Unfettered by the days seven
Growing pulsating twenty four seven
Encompassing man’s ages seven
Blossoming sans the care of shepherds seven
In far flung regions of continents seven

It is not an itch of days seven
Nor a wonder of days seven
But a realm beyond the skies seven
Brighter than the rainbow colors seven
Permeating through the seed of life and it’s circles seven
Revered and pure like the blessings seven
Venerated more than the sacred vows seven
Akin to embracing the virtues seven

A path as beautiful as the paradise paths seven
Far and above the idyllic Arcadia Zion or the pearly gates divine
Where exists a realm inexhaustible infinite and pristine
Impeccable unblemished irreproachable and irresistible
Endearing joyful and ecstatically unbelievable
The haven of acceptance trust and bliss
The ultimate repose embracing you in its vastitude and measureless confines
‘Tis the oasis of true love.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
Illustrations: Pinterest

35 thoughts on “Felicitations To True Love: Beyond The Heptad

  1. It;s the first time I am reading a poem with such a flow yet it’s meaning is held in every single line right on spot. Genius writing, you are a true mentor in this art, your work is one that can be endlessly adored! Hope you doing great dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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