Penelope – A Paragon Of Connubial Fidelity


Twenty long years and countless seasons have I endured the haunting separation
The piercing loneliness and pain the overwhelming void and suffocating isolation
Silently I burn by day and scorch while hopes wax and wane with delirium
Your thoughts consume my existence torture and threaten my equilibrium
Incredulous thoughts and conflicting emotions and a swell of unspoken words
Dwell on a union now an illusion with elusive reunion to disember so fragile the cords
A wounded heart seeks remission from perpetual turmoil and fast fading expectations
Would I erase myself but constrained am I as custodian by your kingdom and scion.

That momentous advent of Palamedes the emissary of Agamemnon with dismal tiding
The ensuing Trojan war the restoration of Helen the summons for urgent converging
The reluctance to leave a young bride and child sought ploys to overcome calamitous bidding
The oath of Tyndareus invoked with no course of retreat and honor pledged set forth
I a Spartan the daughter of Icarus famed for endurance and fortitude have held the scepter and isle intact
The fruitless waiting the hasty conclusions the clamorous suitors the forceful encampment are ominous proceedings
Valiantly have I fought and succeeded in keeping the boisterous barbarous herd at bay.

A dark shadow looms and the castle is besieged with suitors hundred and eight
Shameless predators stationed with vulturous intent to ravage your honor and state
Their importunities heighten as they devour your resources and roister all night
The callous marauding brutes threaten Telemachus his safety and slight his might
In all faithfulness have I preserved marital virtue and connubial fidelity with insight
A willful deception to weave a burial shroud for the aging Laertes no longer agile
To weave by the day and unravel by night three years elapsed in this guile
Till ensnared by greed the disloyal Melantho did out cry to the vile and hostile.

Yonder behold the young handsome lad your reflection the heir of Ithaca our pride
Telemachus your son your very own blood a staunch supporter to stand by your side
A worthy successor a solace a painful reminder of golden days our future to bide
Unschooled untutored by the valiant Ulysses awaits his sire to lead guide and counsel
To avenge the outrageous deeds the insolence and arrogance of the erring consul
A disillusioned Laertes your aging father overcome with grief holds on for a glimpse
Tarry no more for your loyal race impatiently waits for you stamp out the greed and restore honor.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
Images: Pinterest

50 thoughts on “Penelope – A Paragon Of Connubial Fidelity

  1. Extraordinary! Oh Veena, this epic poem reminds me of the best of the Romantic poets … so very finely crafted … so piercing and soul-deep in such superlatively woven tale! All the best to you w/blessings

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    1. Thank you so much.Your appreciation gives me immense pleasure . I am a regular visitor to your blog.I admire your compositions they have both body and soul.Beautiful thoughts which flow with ease.I must confess that for no particular reason I have been stingy in expressing my appreciation .Thanks once again.

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    2. I absolutely agree! This is such a great and powerful poem! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for the follow Veena I’m glad I’ve found your blog, keep up the great work, I will look forward to reading some more of your epic poems.
      Speak Soon,
      Sophia πŸ™‚

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      1. Hi Sophia , thanks I am glad you liked my poem. I visited your blog you write very well,it was a pleasure to read your composition .Will definitely keep in touch .love. Veena

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      2. Thank You very much that is so lovely to hear I really appreciate it πŸ’and yes likewise I will definitely keep in touch 😊 I will be posting my next blog post on Thursday, I hope you enjoy that one tooπŸ’•
        Speak soon,
        Sophia πŸ™‚

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      1. Alas! Alas!
        All is not lost!
        That “one can exist”,
        with words such as this!
        (For you, and it’s going up on my site afterwards, with a little heart under it!)
        I want to respond! How can one react to this, but with sputters of speechlessness? It’s awesome! All of your poetry is. But, to think of your occasional self-wonderings in the beginnings… I’m so proud of you!

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      2. This is such an honour really don’t know how to respond to this. My earlier posts are really me. Lots of churning , a sense of underachievement . Something to prove. To whom ? What ? Do I make sense. Anyways thanks a lot you make me feel good with a sense of achievement .


  2. Yes, much sense. Good sense! Common sense. No nonsense! Sixth sense. Sensei. Sensual. Sensa fine. Now, I’m playing with words, as I like to do, but I actually do mean all of it. Embodied of all the senses. Wow.

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  3. Yes, much sense. Good sense! Common sense. No nonsense! Sixth sense. Sensei. Sensual. Sensa fine. Now, I’m playing with words, as I like to do, but I actually do mean all of it. Embodied of all the senses. Wow.

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  4. Absolutely amazing and equally difficult for me. πŸ˜ƒ Please do keep writing giving joy to many. Aunt Veena, I have invite you for 3 Days quote challenge. Please do check my blog. Thanks. 😊

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    1. Sorry ,this has been an oversight else I would have responded earlier .Thank you so much for the nomination it was so kind of you to consider me for it , but. I find it difficult to follow anything on a daily basis. I hope you will understand .Lots of love and hugs .

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  5. Hi Veena. Thank you so much for wanting to follow my poetry adventures. Writing is a passion that keeps me sane and alive! Glad you liked my poem “Explosion!” Such a kind comment. Very interested in all things Paranormal! UFO’s! Conspiracy theories! Observing this crazy violent and unstable society! Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

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    1. Hi , thanks a lot I am really touched by your words of appreciation .They mean a lot but would Homer pay a visit ? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Have a great day ! Will catch up soon . Love and warm wishes .

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