Frivolous Pursuit – Quest For Peace


A devastating loss a tragic occurrence reckless deeds with disastrous repercussions
Deeply mourned with ill consequences furiously mounting silently to gape at ruination
The imprudence to dribble away the  precious possession which threatens existence
Conflicting thoughts a mutinous surge had swelled within with stubborn persistence
Then blinded to deliberation and deaf to reason had spurred to prompt annihilation
The provocation grievous or flimsy a pretext to curb all covert and overt opposition
A  disgruntled soul with errors of judgement frivolously squandered all association
Now battered and torn seeks redressal and yearns to cease all painful disassociation

Precious is the loss the quest is earnest to foray all confines in miserable plight
Over the crags the lofty ranges a roving eye searching among the dizzy heights
Piercing the abyssal zone to scan the marine floor with all its spectacular sights
Wandering among the searing scorching  the barren hostile trackless shifting sand
In the mystical whispering woods amidst their mysteries yet unraveled and grand
Soaring to the cerulean realm to  be wafted by the whimsical  heavenly breeze
Prying every nook and corner the lonely hearth the busy buzz of urban squeeze
Arduous the path impregnable the barriers relentless the yen to bridge and peace

A divine intervention the grace of the lord a coaxing whisper a flutter within
A soothing strain a gentle caress  to arouse the dormant nestled safely therein
With joyous buoyancy the benign resonance to awaken the inherent goodness
For peace is not a pursuit it blossoms and blooms in the precincts of godliness
Nurtured with love and kindred spirit it swells in togetherness to reap rich harvest
If malicious the intent it goes awry consuming the being to drown in darkness harshest
Futile its pursuit in earthly compensations sagacious to find repose in what he allots
Blessed are those who steer clear from machination and intriguing knots and plots.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
Images: Pinterest

36 thoughts on “Frivolous Pursuit – Quest For Peace

    1. Hi Kunal , lovely to get your feedback .You were there when I started my journey and the encouragement I got from some of you (consistently ) has helped to survive.Thanks ! Lots of love and hugs have a great day.

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    1. Thanks a lot Andy, really appreciate your feedback.I would love it to be spoken word piece but unfortunately I have a tremendous technology handicap which restricts me.It is also a mental block which I am not able to overcome .Thanks anyway 🙂

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  1. There is a phrase I love, “Whether someone shoots me on purpose or by accident, it still hurts the same.’ There is so much depth here Veena. It is hard to respond to adversary, pain, betrayal or soul bludgeoning without reckoning a path of existence for healing and peace. But you do here, and it is beautiful.

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    1. Hi Tammy,so nice to have you around.I just love the way you go the innermost recesses and add depth to my words .Thanks a lot .I feel I am repetitive but I strongly believe in healing and reposing faith in the almighty . Peace to all 🙂

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  2. Hi Veena Surely there is little chance of any peace with the rulers we have unless there is a divine intervention! But its said there are many who have turned evil and strayed a long way from the light! Thank you for liking my poem “Glinted!” Peace and Best Wishes TheFoureyedPoet.

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    1. Quite true so much trade and barter going around so chances are bleak.The least we can do is lend a voice .I sincerely enjoyed reading the piece , it was a pleasure.Thanks to for sharing your composition.warm regards.


    1. Yes it’s so true. Every moment life unravels the most unexpected perplexities of life .
      Sharing thoughts and connecting very often adds a new dimension to life .Presently too tied and off WordPress but looking forward to get deep into your blog .😊😊

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