A Rainbow In The Sky

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Once again there is a rainbow in the sky
Once again the sapphire sky is adorned with a spectacular crown shimmering and bright befitting all adulation
Once again human perception so rational and complex translates this simple wonder into a complex scientific explanation
Once again the cynics deride it disdainfully with precise cold calculated suggestion
Once again it is declared a play of sunlight and raindrops the artistry of refraction reflection and dispersion
Once again unfazed I rejoice the advent of of an unannounced pleasure following the showers with merry anticipation
Once again the rainbow touches the grey within and magically infuses vibrant hues of hope and joyful expectation
Once again life moves beyond the black and white and breaks into a spectrum of psychedelic buoyant elation
Once again I am entranced and prompted to venture forth on untrodden paths follow
extravagant dreams sans all speculation

A rainbow in the sky

A rainbow in my heart it permeates my being  a kaleidoscope which creates mesmerising images of infinite delight
A therapeutic tool which urges me to forget the unforgettable make possible the impossible and scale unreachable heights
My world is new the nightmares are over it is time to dream and paint my world with a new found liberation
Behold the array of brilliant hues in my palette with an irresistible temptation I crave to paint my canvas with exuberance and eager anticipation
Life and its myriad shades its winding paths and treacherous walks are confounding now briefly the trials and tribulations are at a cessation
Let my sore spirit soar no longer I shall not weep but will follow the winsome sweep with gay abandon and without any hesitation
embrace all the joys in my way this is my world and I shall colour it with choices implicitly mine with absolutely no recommendation

A rainbow in the sky

The ethereal arch majestic and divine spans mountains valleys and seas a bridge seeking unification
The turmoil the fury the tempest has receded all appears bright and rejuvenated after the copious weep its  a moment of celebration
The blue skies glisten so do the eyes blue but the glow illumines the darkened spaces and dampened souls beyond recognition
Dwell on the joys the promises shun all apprehensions there is wisdom in following the heart and this is not a clever deception
It may be a shimmering illusion a prismatic procreation a transient  mystical delusion ponder not on affirmation and negation
The cumulonimbus  clouds now absconding are lurking in the distant impatient to rebound fresh with frenzied desperation
The dazzling iridescent is a beautiful sight of pure perfection it may be transient not a false promise but a chaste declaration
Welcome it with open arms the strife may be tremendous the pitfalls the toil bone breaking but let the undaunted spirit triumph

A rainbow in the sky

A covenant a sacred vow of reconciliation to Noah did the Lord pledge mankind forgiveness grace and preservation
The older world had sinned turned irreverent impious and blasphemous leaning towards depravation with urgent need of correction
The Creator did decree that the monument of justice must prevail and thus sentenced the creed to damnation and devastation
When the furious floods abated Noah did perceive the sky graced with a monument of mercy a magnificent divine creation
The variegation arching heavenwards is a reminder of a concord no arrow no string to stir discord merely a cord of benefaction
When our fears are rampant  a bow of faith trust and unflinching submission will endow peace and assurance of his augmentation
So let our hearts glow with his radiance for who knows where the leprechaun awaits us with a pot of gold and varied consolations.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~
Images: Pinterest

31 thoughts on “A Rainbow In The Sky

    1. SoundEagle concurs with Mr Jonathan David Noble! Thank you, Veena, for sharing an excellent poem of considerable import. Well done!

      Please be informed that there is a typo in the form of a repeated word in the line “Once again unfazed I rejoice the advent of of an unannounced pleasure…”

      Happy November to you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you I am glad to see you follow my blog .Your work is so profound It never ceases to amaze me . So your appreciation gladdens my heart . Thank You So Much.May the almighty be with us.

      Liked by 1 person

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