Poignant Valediction – Aethera’s Lament

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Aethera gazed at the handsome youth her eyes lit with pride and her heart skipped a beat
Her eyes beheld a creature ever so endearing so flawless and perfect a pleasure to greet
A spectacular reflection majestic and bold a unique blend of mortal and immortal essence
He is my offspring my fountain of joy her proud proclamation and blissfully she dwelt in his presence
Had she not borne cradled nursed and nurtured him with absolute devotion beyond all reasons
Now he stood as her strength a shining star illumining her solitary lonely path in all seasons
But to honour a pledge she was now compelled to pronounce words of utmost intent with no further distraction
No selfish intent no maternal strings nor count of sleepless nights could now prevail or impede its revelation

Theseus my son! Within my bosom dormant lies a secret it surges and swells and threatens to spill
Sixteen years prior a union was begotten in urgent compliance a seed was planted to nurture an ardent will
Sixteen halcyon years you were lent to me a lease from which now I your person must promptly release
Sixteen years you have spent in your mother’s land tutored by your grand sire with your father to please
Sixteen years we walked these arbours unraveled the mysteries of nature and celebrated the wonders of life
Sixteen years fled so swift those memorable years we spent well in fun and frolic without any rife
Sixteen years in the darkest of night in solitude I have wept copiously with the thought of your departure
Sixteen precious years now will I treasure as token of pleasure fond recollections to harvest at leisure

Your paternity I must reveal too long have I tarried grievously I erred and flaunted non-compliance
To deny thy father deny thy name I would wrong thee so with chaste intent and utmost haste let there be no dalliance
You are the heir to the the mighty Athenian state the scion of gallant Aegeus a man of extraordinary prowess  and brilliance
Marvel not bear with me as I proceed to bare the hidden truth about your heritage and royal parentage of par excellence
Aegeus twice wedded remained childless soon grew impatient and insecure feared usurpation pillage and bondage
Visited the oracle of Delphi but its words remained beyond his comprehension and was baffled and confounded by the cryptic message
He anchored at Troezen and sought the wisdom of  your grandfather Pitteus to decipher and unravel the presage
Pitteus seasoned and shrewd envisaged a profitable alliance contrived a fresh union to enhance stature and lineage

Theseus before you embark on the journey to Athens you must gain the possession of objects to prove recognition
Pray follow me to the forest where concealed beneath a large boulder you will find these tokens of elation
Theseus with eager anticipation hastened to follow and he coupled sheer physical strength with resourcefulness
The boulder he shouldered to unearth the precious objects while Aethera looked on with joyful anxiousness
His eyes shone as he spotted the sword and sandals fondly he held and caressed his first acquaintance in earnestness
An unseen bond a paternal tug an irresistible urge fired his soul to set forth to meet his sire in shared happiness
All the while Aethera wistfully gazed  at Theseus and the shifting of ties her heart wept in abject unhappiness

Fare thee well my son may you fare well in your paternal realm with a heavy heart and tears I bid you farewell
My life and land you leave bare never will the sun the stars shine so bright this loss and anguish I must bear
Bear with me for a while my moist eyes dim clear vision I must bear your to image in my heart so bare
You were my part but now we must part a part of you I do keep and a part of me you must forever bear
There is no doubt you have a duty to fulfil a heroic destiny beckons Oh! there is glory beyond the maternal fold
Strange and perilous are the paths you tread but they nourish your dreams and ambition untold
Henceforth prove your birth and worth honour all paternal vows before you claim your birthright
Your memories I cherish will never fade  forever they will remain green joyous and bright.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
Images: Pinterest

15 thoughts on “Poignant Valediction – Aethera’s Lament

  1. Wonderfully written as usual. Almost as if you have experienced it, and at the same time melancholy. My sons too left me to come to Aussie to join their father, so I know how it feels as a mother. Although it was not for ever, the parting was dreadful, the reason I got the break down. It stirred up my memories too. You write so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your poems with us. Love and Light 🙂 ❤

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    1. Hi Deepanilamani
      It is always a pleasure to hear from you . I can well relate to your words it indeed is heart wrenching to part with your children . Yet it is imperative to let go so that they can make their own world . Thank you for the words of appreciation .It is always rewarding as well as pleasing to share thoughts . Lots of love and warm wishes .

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  2. Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement, A good article and The click to tweet going to put on my sight . I hope it makes a difference and it will help to make it easier for others to share on that platform, too

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