Frivolous Pursuit – Quest For Peace

A devastating loss a tragic occurrence reckless deeds with disastrous repercussions Deeply mourned with ill consequences furiously mounting silently to gape at ruination The imprudence to dribble away the  precious possession which threatens existence Conflicting thoughts a mutinous surge had swelled within with stubborn persistence Then blinded to deliberation and deaf to reason had spurred… Continue reading Frivolous Pursuit – Quest For Peace

Vibrant Rejuvenation – A Passionate Appeal 

Behold a solitary figure away from inquisitive gaze lost and floundering  Dispassionate and unconcerned oblivious to her surrounding While nature displayed her gracious charm unabashed  The azure sky a canvas of beauty unsurpassed The golden orb radiated warmth and a dazzling brilliance  A truant wispy cloud perched precariously on a snow capped mountain at a… Continue reading Vibrant Rejuvenation – A Passionate Appeal 

Somber Portals: From Darkness To Light

An egress strong and compelling distinctly marks its realm Majestic and towering reveals or conceals what transpires therein  A formidable whimsical structure scanning admittance or rejection It is a passive witness to many a jubilation and humiliation  Its dual faced ambivalence hinged to swing with an yielding grace Interlinks and connects all what proceeds on… Continue reading Somber Portals: From Darkness To Light

The Elusive Visitor 

Stealthily tranquility penetrates coveted spaces Bulwarking rude cantankerous rumblings Luxuriously enthroning itself On a wreck of misconstrued perception Its arrival is celebrated In the vanquished domain The churning silenced Its caresses heal the festering The transition from sound to silence Enthralling my core. ~By: Veena Umesh Sood~ (Images: Pinterest)