Grief – A Long Journey

Grief shared or personal is intense and potent a bolt from the blue it strikes universally without any reservations
A dark ominous cloud it descends and shadows sunshine and augurs unwanted transformation 
Bewildered you gaze and struggle to gauge the devastation and helplessly yield in resignation 
As cautiously you tread to retrieve the fragments of bygone bliss keen shards bleed the festering wounds and dull all sensation.

Grief is a long journey arduous and daunting across barren arid lands unrehearsed untrained a stupendous endeavor mandatory to be  accomplished
A journey unforeseen unplanned and unwished inadvertently chaotic to stumble to falter undecided
Coursing angry roads with myriad pitfalls and shallows steering through damned alleys blind curves till sensibility is grounded
Vacillating over torments anguish and unfounded frivolous  reproach some conflicting passions which surge unabated.

Grief is an intruder a faceless manifestation stealthily it ensconces in numbed spaces and shattered aspiration 
A vile trespasser encroaching on fragile consciousness disrupting and severing all healthy association 
Consistently preying on wholeness sanity and blessedness it urges the very essence of life towards isolation 
It cradles life in affliction and abject wretchedness and ushers bitter cold desperation.

Grief is a tormentor seething and fuming it raves and rants with unbridled fury many wars it wages 
An impotent rage incarcerated within clawing and gnawing it unleashes a fury untamed and savage
If unchallenged and unconquered it reigns supreme ravaging the soul with callous destruction surpassing divine outrage 
Relentlessly it advances colors vision clouds sane perception and threatens existence is a demon on rampage.

If  grief is a visitor overpowering and fated let its visitation be brief and restrained
Something is changing somethings must change a fresh dawning is emerging unrestrained 
To melt and thaw to bloom again to spring back in spring once again
Often from the tangled and scattered mess fragrant wreaths and garlands can be woven a welcome gain.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~
~Image Courtesy: Pinterest~

Give sorrow words; The grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it to break. – William Shakespeare

32 thoughts on “Grief – A Long Journey

    1. Thanks a lot radhika . All well have been away for very long hope I am able to stay connected . Thanks once again it is encouraging and feels good 💕💕


    1. Aww ! You are very generous with your words . Nevertheless they are welcome . I have returned after a long break of about two years and I sure do need some encouragement . Thanks a ton . 😊😊


    1. Yes grief is a nagging force which persistently keeps eroding peace of mind yet maintaining a balance does weaken its grip . Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking trouble to express your views .


  1. With the world as it is right now, so much of everyday life starts to become like grief…
    like mourning an identity that’s been pulled from under us by a million different things, defining our little place within massive scaremongering machines while missing who we actually are.
    But we are not the machines.
    We are not the things they tell us to be scared of.
    We are not the labels they write for us.
    There is more of us left than they think after the walls have collapsed,
    and it stretches further than they have the paperwork for.
    So we are left to write our own lives on a world that never saw us having that option.
    Some call that revolution.
    Some call that hope.
    Some simply call it human.

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  2. Another creative piece you’ve got here. Imaginative description of grief. Well, it’s how you handle such grief. If you succumb to it, it’s a loss that should be restored with joy and repair whatever damage it has done to someone. Brilliant !

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    1. Yes at sometime of life grief dominates all of us . It is upto us that whether we let it consume us or come out of it . Thank you so much for connecting to the tone of the poem and sharing your thoughts .

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  3. Oh Veena, I know exactly what you are talking about. But pain is not always a bad thing. Kahlil Gibran said that “…pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses our understanding…” Dr Paul Brand who works under the lepers in the mission field said that pain is actually a good thing. Lepers cannot feel pain which is why they have horrific wounds all over their bodies. For them pain would have been a blessing.Thank you for sharing about your pain. View your pain as a blessing… allow it to lead you to God and in time it will become pure joy. Elsa.

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