Grief – A Long Journey

Grief shared or personal is intense and potent a bolt from the blue it strikes universally without any reservationsA dark ominous cloud it descends and shadows sunshine and augurs unwanted transformation Bewildered you gaze and struggle to gauge the devastation and helplessly yield in resignation As cautiously you tread to retrieve the fragments of bygone bliss keen… Continue reading Grief – A Long Journey

Innate Constitution: A Mystical Voice Within

Deep within me in the innermost recesses camouflaged by my corporeal being there is a little me my honest confession So stubborn so obdurate so constantly persistent and persevering incomparable and unparalleled beyond suppression Admonish it scorn it spurn it it never quails or shudders it seeks not to cringe or quake in submission Wrought… Continue reading Innate Constitution: A Mystical Voice Within

Frivolous Pursuit – Quest For Peace

A devastating loss a tragic occurrence reckless deeds with disastrous repercussions Deeply mourned with ill consequences furiously mounting silently to gape at ruination The imprudence to dribble away the  precious possession which threatens existence Conflicting thoughts a mutinous surge had swelled within with stubborn persistence Then blinded to deliberation and deaf to reason had spurred… Continue reading Frivolous Pursuit – Quest For Peace

Penelope – A Paragon Of Connubial Fidelity

Ulysses! Twenty long years and countless seasons have I endured the haunting separation The piercing loneliness and pain the overwhelming void and suffocating isolation Silently I burn by day and scorch while hopes wax and wane with delirium Your thoughts consume my existence torture and threaten my equilibrium Incredulous thoughts and conflicting emotions and a… Continue reading Penelope – A Paragon Of Connubial Fidelity


Greed A creed bred and led Agreed to seed and feed To wield, yield and share proceed They rallied and succeeded never superseded Then threatened by hubris headed towards greed On a stampede to exceed and avarice to mislead Perpetrated misdeeds with vengeance unleashed Bloodied and harried they did bleed Soon harmed and alarmed desired… Continue reading Greed