Frivolous Pursuit – Quest For Peace

A devastating loss a tragic occurrence reckless deeds with disastrous repercussions Deeply mourned with ill consequences furiously mounting silently to gape at ruination The imprudence to dribble away the  precious possession which threatens existence Conflicting thoughts a mutinous surge had swelled within with stubborn persistence Then blinded to deliberation and deaf to reason had spurred… Continue reading Frivolous Pursuit – Quest For Peace

Bitter Mortification- An Anguished Lament

In a hamlet buzzing with life there stands a dwelling desolate and ostracised  It’s gates are barred and windows heavily draped and blinded At close deliberation I perceive shuffled movement and incoherent sounds from within An irresistible urge an intrusive instinct I find myself drawn to the forsaken door therein To behold a wraith distorted… Continue reading Bitter Mortification- An Anguished Lament