Penelope – A Paragon Of Connubial Fidelity

Ulysses! Twenty long years and countless seasons have I endured the haunting separation The piercing loneliness and pain the overwhelming void and suffocating isolation Silently I burn by day and scorch while hopes wax and wane with delirium Your thoughts consume my existence torture and threaten my equilibrium Incredulous thoughts and conflicting emotions and a… Continue reading Penelope – A Paragon Of Connubial Fidelity

Ingenious Remunerations – A Machiavellian Stroke

A tale of yesteryears of the ways and lives of nobles and nobility Their splendor magnificence power pelf grace and magnanimity Of splendid castles mansions luxuries and extravagance here but a marked digression The stillness the void an incomplete spiritless existence for absence of progression The longing the aching the prayers the fervent proceedings a… Continue reading Ingenious Remunerations – A Machiavellian Stroke

Deviant Deflections – Unrequited Love

She was an embodiment of pristine grace and glory serene dominant and distinct With a demeanor impressive and regal an aura unparalleled and now almost extinct Cloaked with a majestic facade an astounding beauty irresistible desirable and seductive Hosting within a dormant volcano a molten pool smoldering precariously and destructive A putrid soul embittered and… Continue reading Deviant Deflections – Unrequited Love