Boulevards & Aisles – A Summation Of Life

In rumination and deliberation to examine and awaken the complexity and complexion of human relations and connections Connections are invisible skins ever so delicate and fine yet tenacious steadfastly bound by unwarranted affection and affiliation A succession of memorable moments and selfless benefaction deeply entrenched guarded blindly to discord and dissonance Yet to profess the… Continue reading Boulevards & Aisles – A Summation Of Life

Fraternal Leanings – Unwavering Loyalties

With remorseful eyes I gaze at the orange glow which fades in the horizon A decrepit frail soul deflated and rusted tormented by conflicting passion A tenebrous silhouette a mere shadow darkened to obsidian closer to death With a cumbersome burden of unresolved concerns to rectify before final breath The dying embers in the distance… Continue reading Fraternal Leanings – Unwavering Loyalties