Ingenious Remunerations – A Machiavellian Stroke

A tale of yesteryears of the ways and lives of nobles and nobility Their splendor magnificence power pelf grace and magnanimity Of splendid castles mansions luxuries and extravagance here but a marked digression The stillness the void an incomplete spiritless existence for absence of progression The longing the aching the prayers the fervent proceedings a… Continue reading Ingenious Remunerations – A Machiavellian Stroke

Vibrant Rejuvenation – A Passionate Appeal 

Behold a solitary figure away from inquisitive gaze lost and floundering  Dispassionate and unconcerned oblivious to her surrounding While nature displayed her gracious charm unabashed  The azure sky a canvas of beauty unsurpassed The golden orb radiated warmth and a dazzling brilliance  A truant wispy cloud perched precariously on a snow capped mountain at a… Continue reading Vibrant Rejuvenation – A Passionate Appeal