Untrodden Paths


It hurts it aches it gnaws its embedded deep undoubtedly the loss the void within is difficult to contain
Wounded and aching with obdurate belligerence and churlish petulance I refuse to accept and sustain
To dwell in such misery and remain locked in a hostile grief stricken terrain admittedly is absurd and profane
Wherein plaintive whines and mournful cries surge and reverberate drowning sanity in tumultuous destructive refrain
In vain I struggle to comprehend your untimely departure with disregard to all earnest entreaties to abide the ordain
Your prompt deflection and compliance to the heavenly call with no consideration to mortal vows and ties with no bonds to entertain
With scant thought to lifetime commitments promises and future aspirations you did hold all that just in disdain
Why do I pine and sulk for the loss like a child hankering for a broken toy surely such peevishness garners prompt correction

 The loss is intimidating it plagues the body and the soul with vexatious haunting affliction
Conflicting emotions torment while raging passions ebb and fall clouding all sane perception and consideration
Life has changed innumerable stumbling blocks strew an unfamiliar solitary path imposing redirection and fresh exploration
The hurt is so deep raw and personal it remains beyond comprehension and appears like a ruthless vicious indention
On close reflection to gauge the loss as a singular personal infliction and an unholy uncalled deprivation is a selfish accusation
It’s universal the world grieves the world rejoices there is no choice and this too is not a mean singular infliction
In this biovauc of life there is no permanence a transit abode where numbered are the hours and the cycle of life seeks completion
Acceptance is peace it is liberty for the unsolved mystery of life and death will probably have no resolution

Now I must rise it is time to dispel the gloom and shun this absurd reluctance too long have I tarried and remained in abstraction
No dalliance no procrastination no more tortuous affliction it’s time for discretion and sagacious selection
Whether to wallow in hollow recession or courageously strike an equilibrium with life and loss is a matter of personal election
Deep within the quintessential nudges life valiantly struggles to reawaken for far too long it has been in hibernation
The greatest loss is what dies within the soul that grieves is not ready to receive foolish it is to indulge in such contraption
It’s time to sanctify each hour in repossession fresh expression and to tread fresh paths to unfold joyous destination
To embrace grace mercy and hope all magical companions and with their blessed assurance to weave harmonious association

To scorn the present moment and cling to the past is to fling caution and hold life in suspension
What if a battle is lost many are yet to be won fresh challenges are to be faced with grit and determination
No longer shall uneasy shadows lurk and impact existence nor any forced acceptance harbour resignation
Life is not to wither and fall but to stand steadfast and weather all trials and tribulations
When pressures of life shall confound and overwhelm the indomitable spirit will rise beyond all expectation
It’s time to savour a well spent life and revel in fond memories and treasure tender recollection
To hone lessons of self reliance self dependence and nurture new bonds to shun baseless isolation
To face the challenge to live and of life and revive eternal spring and shed all inhibition.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~
Images: Pinterest


23 thoughts on “Untrodden Paths

    1. Thank you. I do try to use words in common use but a word here and there is used for it is more suitable . I hope the words don’t impact the essence of the post .🙂🙂🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. It indeed is a great pleasure to be read and appreciated. When thoughts and expression can connect with others it gives great satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment . Thanks 🙂🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi ! I glad you could relate to it . As for me it’s so personal and a positive step forward. Loss is personal but I had let it effect me for such a long time so I had to voice and move ahead before it effected my well being and relationships with people around me . Thank you so much for commenting. Peace and happiness to all.


    1. Vidhur thanks for taking out time to read the post and sharing your thoughts . It is such a consolation when you are understood and your thoughts and emotions are shared . Life indeed is sharing and caring.

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