Grief – A Long Journey

Grief shared or personal is intense and potent a bolt from the blue it strikes universally without any reservationsA dark ominous cloud it descends and shadows sunshine and augurs unwanted transformation Bewildered you gaze and struggle to gauge the devastation and helplessly yield in resignation As cautiously you tread to retrieve the fragments of bygone bliss keen… Continue reading Grief – A Long Journey

Deviant Deflections – Unrequited Love

She was an embodiment of pristine grace and glory serene dominant and distinct With a demeanor impressive and regal an aura unparalleled and now almost extinct Cloaked with a majestic facade an astounding beauty irresistible desirable and seductive Hosting within a dormant volcano a molten pool smoldering precariously and destructive A putrid soul embittered and… Continue reading Deviant Deflections – Unrequited Love