Does Color Matter?

The lord our creator with the wave of a wand and some brilliant master strokes paints vistas of perfection
And with a rich palette creates recreates profiles marvelous and magnificent displaying lavish profusion beyond human imagination
On a canvas so vast and natural it nourishes and contains all passions and emotions freely without any restriction
Often a panorama reverential and serene unspoiled conventional and predictable of joyous contemplation 
Sometimes landscapes formidable austere and bleak to cast aspersions harsh and foreboding devastating insinuation.

The colors of nature are a ceaseless diverse expansion of beauty incomprehensible a sequence of impassioned mosaic beyond imagination 
A tryst with God like an alchemist constantly delving in mysterious unexplored confines to seek fine extension 
Colors inexhaustible and in abundance merge converge diverge in varied permutation and combination
With incomprehensible configuration of infinite extravagance they blend tints shades and tones into splendid fabrication 
Resplendent and dynamic subjective or abstract mutating or variegating they present kaleidoscopic visions of divine conception.

A golden sunrise a sunburnt radiance the mellowed ambience of the eve all a profusion of flushed amalgamation
The azure space of tranquil serenity the immeasurable fathomless cerulean depth synonymous to the pious coloration
The dense dark foliage the juniper the sage the emerald pastures the lush verdant the fertile and flourishing expansion 
The distant towering rugged mountains with pristine peaks beautiful and sublime a range of sublime elevation 
The daunting undulating arid barren lands sandy care worn crumpled and rumpled an image of dreary uninterrupted desolation.

The inherent color variations in nature is a harmonious acceptance its diversity natural and a healthy adaptation 
In context the validity of human prejudice harboring arbitrary color gradation and its prevalence is preposterous and exceptional 
Fair skin a favored consideration and prized possession  while the dark hue demonized offensive and often in rejection
Color is skin deep a pigmentation superficial and irrelevant consequence of racial geographical and environmental subjection 
The adherence  to color discrimination is jaded and offensive it hampers  growth progress local regional and global aspirations.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~
~Image Courtesy: Pinterest~

58 thoughts on “Does Color Matter?

  1. You have painted the canvas with great obsession!
    And the words of truth are worth all the adulation!!
    Talk of colors and the discrimination!
    Spells the doomsday for every nation!!!

    Veena, its is truly a great composition!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words .you have gone into the depth of the poem . Discrimination indeed is a curse to humanity it causes a great deal of unhappiness and a divide among people .

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    1. That is some praise !! In our daily lives we see such a lot discrimination on basis of colour . Racial discrimination being rampant the heights is when in our country young eligible girls are rejected for being dark skinned . The market is flooded with beauty products which profess to make the users fair and lovely . Thanks once again .


      1. I know. We all see that happening around us. The definition of beauty begins with the complexion, and for most ends right there, sadly. Thanks for sharing such thought provoking words. Keep inspired. 🌸🙏🍀

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  2. Thankyou so much for sharing this. As a kid I had this inferior feeling because of my skin colour. I was even builled for it. I definitely came over this part of me. People should know this. This type of feeling get incorporated into one from a very young age. Your post hit the jackpot with all the right viewpoint. Thankyou so much for taking time to write this

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    1. I like your honesty all through my life I have seen people discriminate on the basis of colour I think it is absurd. It is the worst kind of torture which can be inflicted on impressionable minds . Thanks for sharing your views .

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      1. The pleasure is all mine. Exactly why should one be discriminated on the basis of color. Its horrible. Thank you for spreading the message

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  3. So wonderfully worded. I don’t know why I don’t see your posts on my feed. I’ve been missing your posts. Glad I figured that it’s an error in algorithm and you’re posting quite regularly.

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    1. Hi ! It is so nice to hear from you . Hope all is well . I was away for sometime but now I want to be around more frequently let ‘s see how it goes . I am missing so many of my old pals whom I am unable to connect with it is so wonderful to see you .😊😊 Thanks

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      1. Oh I see. I am so glad you’re going to be writing more often. Also, that we were able to reconnect. Your layout looks fabulous also.

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