Boulevards & Aisles – A Summation Of Life

In rumination and deliberation to examine and awaken the complexity and complexion of human relations and connections
Connections are invisible skins ever so delicate and fine yet tenacious steadfastly bound by unwarranted affection and affiliation
A succession of memorable moments and selfless benefaction deeply entrenched guarded blindly to discord and dissonance
Yet to profess the permanence of absolute unbroken chaste association is a fallacyΒ  and there is veracity in periodic disconnection and reconnection.

The body mind and the spirit a bonding eternal and sublime is a wonderful connection a harmonious coherence of worldly orientation
The immortal soul enshrined in a mortal existence is a sacred connection of the temporal and the spiritual consciousness
A brief interlude a seamless connection a process in transit to bind simple self consciousness to cosmic extension
In adherence to the natural and physical law the perishable perishes the imperishable set free to transcend to divination.

A beautiful moment a bonding ever so intimate and personal to strike a melodious chord a cord of connection
A tender bearing a life pulsates within stirring emotions and passions a joy mingled with anxiety and exhilaration
Then a cord distended to share extended association to nurture and nourish in kindred and familial celebration
A trail of transition and expansion well meaning communication to venture forth on a quest of self realization and aspiration.

A summation of life an intricate web spun through boulevards and aisles of distinction and elevation with application and orientation
The rhythm of life a symphony of souls a melody vibrant and resonating a heady spur of growth evolution and progression
To connect and create a narrative of omission and commission to bridge variance with utmost discretion the sagacity of conservation and wise speculation
Often the eloquence of unspoken words the comfort of silence the grace of an embrace foster mutual acceptance and adaptation.

A preposterous presumption of perpetuity and consistence infallible allegiance and selfless consideration untroubled fruitful association
A constant variable to waver and flicker to ebb and fall sift and shift to sally forth to fresh confine and unexplored dominions
Often a treacherous path of unheard transgressions violations and unworthy impositions a tiresome worthless acquisition and dimension
To connect disconnect and reconnect is the quintessence station of life a balance of consideration and contradiction a solicitation and selection.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~
~Image Courtesy: Pinterest~

“We are like islands in the sea separate on the surface connected in the deep.” –
William James



27 thoughts on “Boulevards & Aisles – A Summation Of Life

    1. I really think as we grow in life we make many relationships some we treasure others we let go by . The emotional bond a mother and child is the most tender bond. The the connection of the mind body and soul is amazing . In short we grow in and out of bonds .

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  1. Nice one! The life’s concept comes out clear though the words used are much higher than common!! So many relations come and go while some keeps lingering on like the umbilical relation! Well composed

    Liked by 1 person

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