Innate Constitution: A Mystical Voice Within

Deep within me in the innermost recesses camouflaged by my corporeal being there is a little me my honest confession So stubborn so obdurate so constantly persistent and persevering incomparable and unparalleled beyond suppression Admonish it scorn it spurn it it never quails or shudders it seeks not to cringe or quake in submission Wrought… Continue reading Innate Constitution: A Mystical Voice Within

Poignant Valediction – Aethera’s Lament

Aethera gazed at the handsome youth her eyes lit with pride and her heart skipped a beat Her eyes beheld a creature ever so endearing so flawless and perfect a pleasure to greet A spectacular reflection majestic and bold a unique blend of mortal and immortal essence He is my offspring my fountain of joy… Continue reading Poignant Valediction – Aethera’s Lament