Recollections At Fall

An oft heard lore an insistent call and a soul committed to successive seasons with life in steady progression

Joyous was the summer keenly sought with youthful fervor and exhilaration but now exhausted craved liberation

And she too did concede that youth was overspent jaded cloying for redemption and imperative was transition

The familiar paths were well tread and now it was time to shed all qualms and venture forth to embrace new destination

Nature and time such intimate allies the conniving pair with utmost glee and a conspiratorial wink initiated transformation

Brighter than the brightest all russet and gold with a magical touch the solar orb descended to spread its hues in gay profusion

The autumnal sunshine the autumnal grace the harvest moon and the spectacular fusion with a brilliant array called for celebration

It was the moment to harvest the fruition the bounties of a well spent existence with renewed exuberance and fascination.

At the threshold of fall life morphs it’s time to pause for bitter sweet recollection and indulge in honest introspection

There is joy there is elation it is the loveliest of time a crisp new awakening befitting ovation and candid appreciation

The fall ushers a fresh haul like another spring unfurling vibrance and brilliance with riches which challenge all definition

A season of abundance and warmth for the loss of a flower we reap a fruit what a magical and wonderful transition

The tapestry of life weaves a terrain so varied yet maintains a synchronous blend of joys and sorrows in a unique combination

While the mysteries of life hinged by the impermanence of the body and mind constantly hover in chaotic suspension

Let us restrain and refrain from transforming our golden domain to a stricken confine to nurse hurt and desperation

And light our brief sojourn with the soft glow of twilight and an endearing vision kindled and paved with mosaic surpassing all modification.

Ensconced in a pavilion she gleans through a misty haze to retrieve some fragments some tokens worthy of consideration

The blessings and benediction a few laurels and landmarks some mighty megaliths of success and moments of elation

The untainted connections the tender love and compassion the unflinching faith and devotion seek no renumeration

The youthful obsessions the insane blind attractions the rash hasty decisions and those impulsive selections and grave miscalculation

The unwarranted losses painful estrangements the hurtful rejections all the desperation and frivolous distraction

A bounty is harvested the benevolence and abundance of the spirit and the soul resonates and is reawakened to new attraction

Nascent impulses thus revived and heightened are clamorous and insurgent they surge unleashed passion for recreation

The call of fall an invaluable haul a treasure trove priceless beyond all renumeration an election a selection is a worthy reflection.

By: Veena Umesh Sood

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

21 thoughts on “Recollections At Fall

      1. LMAO! You’re amazing! It’s just been nonstop work and school. I need to get inspired again. I appreciate your support!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kunal, it feels so good to be back. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words.
      Tanya got engaged in March since then I have been caught up in a never ending chaos. Wedding scheduled in January.
      Hope to be more often on WordPress.
      How are things with you ?
      Felt like sharing this with you

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  1. Reflections of Fall a Prosetry to have written for and of Life a befitting thought and feeling.
    Nature and time such intimate allies the conniving pair with utmost glee…. What a description Madam!
    Fantastic I just loved to read it.

    Liked by 1 person

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