Grief – A Long Journey

Grief shared or personal is intense and potent a bolt from the blue it strikes universally without any reservationsA dark ominous cloud it descends and shadows sunshine and augurs unwanted transformation¬†Bewildered you gaze and struggle to gauge the devastation and helplessly yield in resignation¬†As cautiously you tread to retrieve the fragments of bygone bliss keen… Continue reading Grief – A Long Journey


Tears our strange loyal companions constant and dependable deeply entrenched within their presence is difficult to define¬† These lustrous shimmering drops these precious pearls a privy to a vast tumultuous world of restrain and constrain oft seek to breach all confines They are the poetic eloquence of unspoken words conflicting emotions and some varied distractions… Continue reading Tears

Poignant Valediction – Aethera’s Lament

Aethera gazed at the handsome youth her eyes lit with pride and her heart skipped a beat Her eyes beheld a creature ever so endearing so flawless and perfect a pleasure to greet A spectacular reflection majestic and bold a unique blend of mortal and immortal essence He is my offspring my fountain of joy… Continue reading Poignant Valediction – Aethera’s Lament