Innate Constitution: A Mystical Voice Within

Deep within me in the innermost recesses camouflaged by my corporeal being there is a little me my honest confession
So stubborn so obdurate so constantly persistent and persevering incomparable and unparalleled beyond suppression
Admonish it scorn it spurn it it never quails or shudders it seeks not to cringe or quake in submission
Wrought and tempered with exquisite grace it reigns supreme undisputed and an unrivaled acquisition
When burdened and possessed by trials and tribulations it threatens to be submerged it flounders it splutters in suffocation
Yet undaunted it resurfaces like an eternal spring vivacious ebullient buoyant with joyous elation
Scintillating and dazzling effervescent it glows it sparkles it spreads a radiance a warm glow within
This little wonder embedded deep within is an unwavering loyalist my critic my mentor a sanctuary deep within

When fears and failures torment and prey an invasive debilitating deterioration is imminent and furiously in progression
All defences are crippled unwelcome visitors knock at the door while friends cool and I am in abject isolation
A melancholy gloom leads to desperation and frustration rots the bones beyond recognition
Wisdom is flawed it paralyses self reflection and introspection well meaning attention and intervention
The path ahead is intractable a cimmerian canopy darkens the trail with crepuscular doubts and murky obstruction
The onslaught is destructive with penetration of hostile manifestations jaded preposterous fabrications
It seeks no invitation it takes no beating no retreating it knows only retrieving and reinstating correction and renewed connection
Inured by zealous unwavering resolution staunchly exterminates all destructive manipulations and ill found aspiration

Deep within me simmers a volcano of suppressed wrath overwhelming fury emanating noxious and toxic insinuation
A smoking smouldering scorching inferno an incinerator progressing steadily and surely towards disastrous devastation
A green eyed monster well fed on envy malice invidiousness malcontent and animosity on the brink of eruption
Its sulphurous fumes suffocate and choke and cloud clear vision miraculously there is a timely intervention and a firm resolution
The Phoenix must immolate to purge and emerge chaste to restore tranquility and peace and emancipation
The flame must not flicker but perpetually enkindle fresh ventures renewed faith and enthusiasm and motivation
No dispute no resistance nor laboured imposition or stifling oppression it is an acceptance a willing submission
This wonderful light dispels all that is vile uplifts murky indistinct despondency cynicism and depression

Deep within me in the deepest of the deepest recesses there resides a spark so perfect and sublime
A flame so brilliant and luminous it refuses to extinguish it burns so bright and overshadows all aggression
A constant murmur often a soothing assurance at other times an irksome correction to chide impulsive action and reaction
Engaged in perpetual monologue a tenacious unrelenting preacher admonishing constantly doling sound direction
Ever so fragile yet resilient and dominant my ultimate refuge my haven my steadfast connection
The lessons of endurance patience hope and forgiveness are infinite so are its blessing and benefactions
This beacon this sprite so dauntless and valiant leads me on to fresh paths shedding all apprehension inhibition and pretension
The precious little me so sacred and divine irrepressible and exuberant enshrined in my innermost being.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~
Images: Pinterest

60 thoughts on “Innate Constitution: A Mystical Voice Within

    1. Just an expression to the ramblings which keep churning in the mind. It feels great when your thoughts can connect and are appreciated . Thank you.


  1. A great composition!! Seeking the inner soul’s power to control, is the most difficult thing to achieve in life. We get affected and react impulsively without giving the time to the inner one to hold and react appropriately!! Nice conceptualisation and message to mankind!!

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