Felicitations To Death


The mounting agitation the deafening crescendo the frenzy the furore belies all sane expectation
It is our morbid fascination and obdurate attachment to life that hampers smooth transition
Its but an absolute misconception to dub death as sinister portentous a baleful ill boding imposition
Allay all apprehension foreboding and fears do not feed on abstract baseless incertitude and assumption
Judge it not as annihilation or an obliteration but a mere expiration and earthly liberation
Let there be no terror or error in judgement for it is the very consequence of our existence
From conception a full count of breath and days was the allocation and there was no deception
Valiant are those who tread the path with grace than seek to challenge the laws of creation

When death knocks at our door the Grim Reaper is unwelcome uncalled and an ungainly apparition
Death knows no friend nor foe and age is no bar its blow is universal and persistent with no discrimination
It culls at whim varied are its manifestations and accomplices who hasten to its assistance with
earnest participation
Enshrouded in mystery perplexing contradictions often uneasy uncanny silence it instills fear of termination
The face of mortality is formidable let us not be intimidated or disheartened but acknowledge its position
A mere departure the cessation of vanities and frailties of worldly ties affections and expectation
It is time to toast its imminence with stoic acceptance redeem the debt of life and to its eventual culmination
Acceptance unfolds an enlightened world open to reflection and correction and joyous reconnection

There is victory in death it opens doors afresh so garner courage to shun the offal the petty waste
The perishable perishes the unperishable goes on undiminished unfaded undefiled to a kingdom chaste
There is a blessed hope the Lord calls our father in heaven beckons us to his beloved land his deathless realm
Every beginning must come to an end to breathe life into fresh beginning and imbibe experiences which overwhelm
In the Isles of the Blessed the Elysian plains we find our souls in blissful delight and everlasting peace rings
A wondrous clime with clear crystal streams and luxurious glades where enchanting melodies soothe in perpetual spring
In direct communion and counsel with honoured happy souls life untouched by sorrow and the heart does not wring
Lead me dear lord to the promised lands the heavens amidst sacred spheres to eternal solace under your wings

When the ordinances that govern mankind were challenged Tithonus did pine and languish in perennial age.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~
Images: Pinterest

65 thoughts on “Felicitations To Death

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words.Its a great feeling when you are able to communicate your thoughts with others so effectively. Thanks for the wonderful comment.


    1. Hi Ayush
      You are very generous with your praise thank you so much .Yes death is so difficult to fathom the more you think about it the more you wonder about its consequences .Thanks warm wishes and peace.

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  1. Wow! I used to write like this, but lately I have had writer’s block and my poem have become a bit more… Simplistic. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Mam, what an amazing piece of work, how beautifully articulated, we are all scared of the end but your argument kind of wins the case, hands down and compels everyone to accept the truth in a more graceful manner.A Truly Astonishing piece of writing. Count me as a Fan of yours.

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  3. What a great post that depicts more about a subject that humans are afraid to address or think about. Death can only terminate the biological functions of the human body but human soul is indestructible and it will continue living in-between space and time which some called the spirit world.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts they add so much to the the post. Senescence or the biological deterioration is but a natural aspect then to live in necrophobia and to overlook the aspect of after life and our ultimate goal towards salvation in my opinion is not correct. This is just my opinion and there may be many more. Thanks for the interest and comment. Warm wishes and greetings.

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      1. You’re most welcome and it’s a pleasure sharing my opinion on this subject.
        Afterlife is beyond religions and science conviction, that’s Nature rubbing its magnificence and immortality on all our faces. The afterlife of a human will be determined by its legacy during lifetime. That’s why it’s better to be good while alive, in the sense of being kind, passing positive vibes to others and touching people’s life positively.

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  4. This was one of my best reads of today . (Okay I feel terrible due to my vocabulary .Haha .) But you sure set standards with your writings , the words and the essence is raw and beautiful. Nostalgia of Emily Dickinson piece which we read back in school flooded my mind. (After reading this I so know I got lots of ground to make up) anyways kudos . Would love to read more . Keep writing . Cheers!

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    1. Thanks Diganta
      The poem by Dickinson is really beautiful . As for writing and vocabulary it becomes rich with time donor worry you are sure to achieve your goals. Take care and warm wishes.

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      1. Anytime! It certainly is . Hoping the same . You too. If you could ,I would love some feedback about my works . Thanks again . Cheers!

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    1. Vidur you have lent a very positive note to the post. Don’t worry about anything when thoughts come from deep within you don’t need big words they make themselves felt.Thanks a lot for your words they are so pleasing. Take care warm wishes.

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