Deviant Deflections – Unrequited Love

She was an embodiment of pristine grace and glory serene dominant and distinct
With a demeanor impressive and regal an aura unparalleled and now almost extinct
Cloaked with a majestic facade an astounding beauty irresistible desirable and seductive
Hosting within a dormant volcano a molten pool smoldering precariously and destructive
A putrid soul embittered and rancorous preying on estrangements and fallacious vexation
A masquerade shrouding rancor a devastating combination camouflaged to perfection
A simmering cauldron nurturing wrath vengeance and ill found hurt and malevolence
Harboring fanatical passions and preposterous obsessions hinging to vicious violence

For she had been scorned and spurned deprived of affection regardless to objection
Mystified to distraction at the incomprehensible rejection and subsequent selection
Strange are the perplexities of love its denial anguish and consequences of negation
Its culmination to a raging tumult an unbridled passion a devastating hot spot
A violent eruption emanating cinders and ashes of dejection spewing shards of malice
Reeking havoc to rubble and ashes leading to extinction with wrath and fury as her accomplice
When passion abated she stood aghast to witness the ruin the devastation and its ramifications
A lacerated soul she craved for deliverance from the twisted path and deviant inclinations

To love and be loved is the design of destiny never a subject of persuasion or contrivance
Love endures the presence in absence resigns in humility to rejection in acceptance
The essence of existence a path of unconditional and selfless devotion
A rectitude of perseverance and endurance which dawns without scant deliberation
Eternally virtuous never virulent or vicious finding perfection in all imperfections
A stranger to lust envy and forceful possession and passions of self gratification
It is not a charity or munificence to dispense neither a calculation nor a foreseen negotiation
Love an immortal instinct mystical and magical which awakens to the call of Cupid.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
Images: Pinterest

29 thoughts on “Deviant Deflections – Unrequited Love

    1. Hi Malc, if I may , your poem was superb .I will get back to your blog for that . Thanks for visiting my blog .The Foureyed Poet got the better of my curiosity and I had to see what the blog contained and I was thrilled . Beware the human race you are up against dangers which one cannot conceive .πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜„


  1. This is brilliant Veena…my goal now is to read all of your previous posts at least one post a you obviously knew we happened to found each other recently and i am really lovinf your work..

    Liked by 1 person

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