Indelible Afflictions

Silently I endure the unceasing pain driving me to bottomless hole

Nightmares darken and the days drown my soul

Rejected and dejected with perpetual anguish life is flawed

The vicious torments of yesterday impinging insomniac nights are clawed

A dismal existence among loved ones yet I shrink and withdraw

Betrayed and cheated by those in whose care I was entrusted

I ponder aghast how a gift so joyous and vulnerable could be destroyed

It had been welcomed with eager expectations and healthy gestation

Later to be abandoned and crushed beyond restoration

Oblivious and insensitive to my silent pleadings and mournful entreating

The wilting of childhood overcast by gloom

The withered and crushed spirit steeped in doom

For a citadel erected within with walls sternly guarded difficult to penetrate

It remains a host to deprivation humiliation and callous neglect impossible to obliterate

The permanence of wretchedness the hurting the gnawing deepening the insurgent wilderness

Reduced to a hapless endurance all bruised and scabbed an object repugnant and unsightly

With demeanour so grim and a vice like grip you sought unquestioned submission

Which severed all emotional chords with no chance of remission

Beyond childish comprehension unable to accept rejection

Implored for acceptance lonely and broken weary of dejection

A fledgling so raw with a unknown world to explore craved for acceptance

A lamb exposed to slaughter imploring deliverance

An act so unimaginable that a shepherd entrusted with a task so onerous

Could be so careless and irresponsible to wrought consequences so erroneous

To rear a dismal survivor on the brink of extinction

For an eternity is inadequate for restoration.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~

(Images: Pinterest)

43 thoughts on “Indelible Afflictions

  1. There is a phrase I love- ‘Shame on my parents for how they raised me, but shame on me for staying that way’. The repeat of ignorance and abuses do gently have to come to the light. This poem is one powerful example of such efforts to make people see from an objective perspective both the responsibilities and power we have to influence a child, thank you 🙂

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    1. Hi! These words were new to me.I share your view.The repeated reference to abuse and social ills highlights them and forces people to think.Thanks for understanding the depth and the message in the post.It makes the words more meaningful.

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      1. That’s what I like.Honestly I wait for you.I sorry I don’t follow any of you religiously fore most of the time I floundering. The only thing I understand is that I have to post something .It gives me immense pleasure. Pls bear with me. 🙂

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      2. You just made me smile! And don’t worry about keeping up with everyone, I have a hard time as well sometimes but the we all have each others backs in understanding 😉 For those who don’t then forget them hehe

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  2. I’m sorry for anything anyone has ever done against you, Veena. You don’t deserve this. You are a special person and can feel. More so than those who can’t. And they take advantage of your good nature. You are special, and I care. These words I say to you. These words should be said, and meant, by those who are hurting you. You are not at fault, Veena. You have done nothing wrong. Thank you for this; it’s much needed. G-d made you special by caring. You can see and feel as He does. You have a higher purpose, and this is among your gifts to achieve it. Thanks for doing that.

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    1. Hi!I am glad to read your post and your concerns. This post has very little to do with me personally. My heart reaches out to every child I see slighted or ignored. According to me the worst kind of abuse is emotional inwhich there is no physical or verbal onslaught but emotionally you scar rending unending torment. Thank you so much by appreciating the tone of the post.A message conveyed is a task well done. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Yaskhan thank you so much for your appreciation.It is just an attempt to give expression to my thoughts . It is the encouragement of fellow bloggers that adds value to the post. 🙂

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  3. Its Beautiful………………..So deep you have gone into the Child’s brain and emotions. It feels like the child is going through a Horror Story. From an innocent baby to a totally scarred for life human.
    Very Intelligently written. My Hats Off to You Ma’Am.

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