Tangible Passions


When life intimidates unrelenting pressures overshadow and struggle is merciless
When ravenous decadence preys the soul and hopelessness renders you worthless
When failures haunt and lapses stare callous indifference numbs rejection is tortuous
When you begin to wither and crumble the road is dark and narrowΒ  eyes censorious
Then pause search delve deep with vigor and conviction draw strength from within
Release all doubts and apprehensions seek a fresh lease embrace the dormant therein

Life is not a threnody a dolorous psalm nor a solemn serenade or a pitiable sight
Let no plaintive numbers flow no mournful dirge or muffled drums but rise upright
Let rancor not be your choice for it dwells within the disgruntled and dissatisfied
There is no lack of love merely its your choice wake fallow lands are soon deserted
Let grief be brief hide your pride hug the shrugged breach the divide don’t deride
Be a part before you fall apart emerge to merge no longer diverge abandon false pride

The art of forgiving and giving is rare but there is pleasure in sharing and reconnection
Shun the obsession of self affliction and bitter reflection nurture chaste affection
Expectations are false and deceiving affection builds bridges and strengthens ties
Forgo suspicion it colors our vision imbibe colors of life till happiness reaches the skies
Celebrate the miracle called life before it the time of reckoning come lets us rejoice
Darkness gives way to light dawn heralds a new awakening and questions our choice

Grave may be the earthly sorrows but are they to be carried to grave
Resonate love warmth and peace and create joyous memories to be engraved.

~By: Veena Umesh Sood~
Quotes: Pinterest

49 thoughts on “Tangible Passions

      1. I wouldn’t judge my own work, just edit later. If it still feels okay a week/month later, then I leave it alone. Let others do that! I wish WordPressers would give honest feedback, helping each other get better at the work/ piece. Instead of fearing the loss of a few follows or comments.

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  1. Till last breath if we are ‘in love with being alive’, death will be as beautiful as life. And there’s a joy in each struggle. There’s a joy in forgiving, giving, sharing and solitude. Loved it!❀

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      1. Thanks Cherilyn for your words .It makes me so happy to know that my absence was felt.It feels so good to reconnect with my fellow bloggers for this is my zone of ease and peace. It makes me feel so alive.I am glad you liked my post . Love and warm wishes.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  2. Heartwarming as always Veena. Your words create a soothing ambience in my heart. I am so delighted to read them after months. πŸ™‚ πŸ’ž

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  3. Loved every bit of it ….. so very true we should be sunk in the colours of the beautiful world and in harmony with nature …..that would be a tribute to the Maker

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  4. A very insightful philosophy of love. Fabulous. And the way you sum it up by saying Resonate love peace and create joyous memories to be engraved; you absolutely go spot on with it. This poem had a very intense meaning, according to me. And probably a poem, everyone should read.

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    1. Thank you so much. Your comment means a lot our writing thrives on readers ,their views and comments . Feedback is very important,it encourages and stimulates .Thanks .

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      1. You’re welcome. And I will be very happy if you read some more poems of mine on my blog. I know, it’s too ridiculous of me to say that, because you would be busy. But, whenever you get time please give a feedback. You can expect same from me.

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      2. Of course I am going to visit your blog frequently .you don’t have to ask me . I throughly enjoyed your post and am eagerly waiting to be there again . Lots of love.

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  5. Great piece Veena!
    Excellent work.
    Just one thing there is a point in this work of art
    where you mention the words ‘before it the time of reckoning come lets us rejoice’;
    I was wondering whether it can be better written as:
    ‘before it the time of reckoning comes let us rejoice’.
    What do you say?
    I mean no disrespect, but I’ll reckon it more grammatically sound.

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  6. Missed this in the reader. But so glad to have read it now. In awe of your wonderful writing and rhyming skills, Veena….and the message and the inspiration carried by the words are absolutely beautiful. Wonderful timing for me to read it too, needed this sweet dose of reality check ☺️

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    1. Thank you so much! You are very liberal with your words .,nevertheless they give immense pleasure .Thanks once again. It was a pleasure to have you on my blog .😊


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