Arduous Path – Bitter Recollections


A tale of a child and childhood of pure innocence of gay abandon and play
Those sparkling twinkling eyes and a face with radiant brilliance to display
The infectious laughter ringing long after with a shower of hugs and kisses
A harbinger of joy so tender and endearing now lost whom everybody misses
Now a distant solitary figure friendless and spiritless in voluntary isolation
With a baggage of unspoken words betrayed and forsaken a case of omission

The threshold of school a step to independence to learning and assimilation
With teachers so loving inimitable irreplaceable motivating and inspirational
To channelize the unexploited and inexhaustible resource with perception
To perfect the grooming advancing rounded growth to all without exception
The journey to an unexplored land to unravel many a mystery beyond imagination
The pleasures and enrichment unfolding  a realm of idyllic miraculous progression

The halcyon era and unfettered the flight a carefree life with all joyous recollections
The picnics the campfires the crushes and heartbreaks passing in quick succession
A healthy environment to foster competition enkindle the soul  with creative innovation
No pressure of peers no arbitrary selection with fairness to all and kindled appreciation
The punishments and detentions the rewards and awards mere tokens for perfection
A life of sharing and bonding of togetherness without ulterior motives and expectation

An ill fated term with dismal foreboding the dawning of a teacher a stern reformer
A moralizer jaded and obsolete committed to correction a warped misguided preacher
A calamitous  an occurrence picked  and targeted randomly for stern imposition
An agonizing experience of helplessness of aggression repression and regression
Draconian rules were  implemented a soul now bonded and mercilessly hounded
With derogation and humiliation for subsistence no reprieve the poor soul grounded

Memories painfully so vivid as he was the perfect illustration for all presentation
The superlatives befitting honed to perfection as the best was the manifestation
The comparatives not to be forgotten all directed indiscriminately in his direction
He was a complex number with infinite failing obtuse and in constant variance
A challenge to Darwinian theory projecting social behavior beyond all explanation
All bitter recollections leading to damnation and the vestibules of abject humiliation

A seeding had been entrusted which was soiled and weeded so harshly destroyed
The produce so hideous unrecognizable and unclaimed rejected and condemned
An excellent achievement the creation of an imperfection beyond any correction
Our pedagogues teachers or cheaters? Makers or breakers? Committed resolution
To honor a mission with acceptance with no rejection aggression or suppression
A wholehearted connection towards so noble a profession with no concession.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
Images: Pinterest

62 thoughts on “Arduous Path – Bitter Recollections

    1. When some teachers target students to take out their frustrations sometimes they scar their students beyond repair. It is a common occurrence I have seen many young one to withdraw and retreat which is detrimental for them.Teachers should be sensitive and supportive .Thanks for your comment and interest. Thanks for the visit.

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  1. So true. Sometimes in worst cases, teachers laugh at students, make fun of them out of their own habits and it affects the kids so badly that they never become free of this humiliation. It haunts them throughout their life. Even if they get out of it, they never forget it.

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    1. HiSanket ,
      Glad you liked the post it is such a sensitive issue and needs to be addressed . I have seen so many students being targeted for no fault of their own. At times the taunting does not end with the child his family and circumstances are roped in to add to his shame and mortification .It is real ,it is common and it has to stop .

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      1. It is really inspiring to witness someone raising these issues. It is our duty as a responsible citizens to show concern towards unprotected innocent children against cruelty and insensitivity. I have been through it. I can never forget it. Thanks for sharingVeena.

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      2. Thank you for your interest and the concern you show .Child exploitation in any form ,any degree disturbs me .It is the closest subject to my heart . Somebody has to lend a voice to the cause which touches the interest of children.

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    1. Radhika ,almost everybody has has witnessed such occurrences in their school times .Almost all teachers have their best and worst marked out.It is a whim,a personal choice neither is exaggerated favoritism good or biased ridicule. Teachers are dealing with tender hearts they have to make them,it is their duty to create well balanced individuals to be a part of society .

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      1. Oh yes Veena, being a teacher myself for a few years I can very well relate to what you say. I have seen teachers crush tender hearts without an iota of guilt. Only a handful of teachers genuinely care for the child’s feelings . Otherwise they are only concerned with completing their syllabus and nothing beyond that.

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    1. This happiness so often.The child gets no support, the teacher mocks ,the students in innocence laugh at his shame.Encouraged the teacher amuses the class with further taunts and the victim further recedes to his inner recess. Many a times the parents would rather go with the word of the teacher than to understand their child.It is really very sad .

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    1. Deb ,I completely agree with you. Not much has changed in school.The facade ,the new liberal outlook and the infrastructure which keeps becoming better is of no consequence until it’s teachers learn to appreciate all the students in their uniqueness .

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  2. I had read this poem … Well, back to it, I feel at the cost of generalizing, such teachers are everywhere: who care from the heart, teach from experience, and work for the paycheck.
    One country looks like it might be doing better than the other. But I hear universal complaints about teaching is a low-pay profession.

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    1. Yes , teaching is honourable profession but when we think of it as a career , it does not pay well neither does it garner the respect and satisfaction which it used to a few years ago.

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  3. This is an area that has really got me fuled up and thinking especially now that soon I will have to put my son in school. I am not sure what kind of environment he will be in, I hope a good one, but it is hard to change the status quo. Many parents cannot afford private education for their children and will have to simply send them to the schools available in the area and trust that the system will make them great citizens of today. In that respect, I believe there is a huge responsibility on the parents to take the role of a teacher. This notion has motivated me to write little books for Arjun so when he is of the age I can try to capture his imagination, allow him to grow internally and hopefully try and disregard negative influences that he may come across.

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    1. Hi ,my belief is that there is no better teacher than a mother.Your words remind me of the time when my daughter was growing up ,I too tried to tried to introduce every innovation possible to widen her perspective beyond the formal setup .It has paid well ,she is confident and well balanced young lady now .She does me proud .I throughly enjoyed her growth and today I can proudly say that we are more like very good friends and can confide in each other about anything one could possibly think . I pray that you too enjoy this precious relationship and every moment of Arjun’s growth.Let the grace of the almighty prevail .

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      1. Good on you!! That is great! I know how rewarding that must feel. I am more than happy to share with you my book once it is complete. what is your book about? we should create a platform to share ideas and inspirations for our children, it can be a great support network for those who need it the most.

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    1. Varun I am so sorry I just read the notification I have been off word press for quite some time .I feel immensely honoured and pleased that you considered me worthy of this award . My loss that I missed the opportunity . I am sorry for the lack of response it was unintentional .

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    1. Hi Anita ,
      Thanks for visiting my blog , reading and expressing your views. The post is a bit dark .what I have tried to express is that if children during their formative and impressionable years are intentionally or unintentionally hurt they tend to scar. Often they are not able to overcome the pain and shame and it effects them adversely . Such cases may be rare but there are not uncommon .

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    1. Hi ! Thank you so much .So far I have stayed clear from this award scene , it kind of intimidates me.I feel I won’t be able to handle it . I can’t think of anything beyond writing.😰😰

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      1. Hi! I really appreciate this gesture.Definitely it is an honour difficult to decline.It also makes me feel good that my work is good enough to be rated in this category. 😊😊

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  4. As I too have taught in schools on and off I always felt a teacher specially in our country is mostly in the profession not out of choice …. and the selection of a teacher is based on his / her degree and never are the most important criterias like compassion ,understanding ,love characteristics ever taken into consideration…lets all hope that the education and the educators understand that nurturing a child is like having the reins of the country in their hands

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