Exalted Heights

When life becomes confounding and peace seems absconding
The merciless grind is impounding with its travails compounding
Concerns become astounding and the heart frantically pounding
Reckon it is the hour for serious sounding and instant grounding
The need to break away from the surrounding and its incessant hounding
A sojourn to the Coral Isle Pattaya a destination seemed an appropriate bounding

Its vibrant coast and spectacular landscape a perfect landing to unwind and unpile
The brimmingΒ  sandy beaches and the clear turquoise waters appealed to my profile
The pleasures of sunbathing and snoozing the masseuses all excitement worthwhile
The colourful canopies floating midair a spectacular sight to behold andΒ  smile
An adventure I mused surely for the young and valorous but definitely not my style
But temptation a seductive mistress allures and beguiles nags nags till you comply

An irresistible urge I find myself among the excited crowd to experience heart’s delight
The harness suspended with the parachute like a brilliant plumage set ready to alight
All agog to be airlifted and experience human flight aided with borrowed wings
To soar above the milling crowd unchecked andΒ  unhindered till the heart sings
A gentle tug and I am airborne the take off is smooth and steadily I gain altitude
No quivers or qualms all fears waylaid the spirit of adventure and a vibrant attitude

The shimmering waters below the infinite expanse above extraordinarily delighting
Pure serenity pervaded to usher a welcome inward calm soothing and enlightening
The multitude below receding indistinct blurred almost nonexistent and insignificant
With obdurate manifestations absurd expectation and vexatious temptation rampant
A rare moment defined in a zone so sublime blending with the previously unknown
Joy ecstasy and bliss heralding the dawn of a world untainted and just my very own

A pure heavenly awakening an unclouded vision with keen perception and reflections
The cessation of illusions and all kind of hostile projections and wavering connections
A profound absorption of a clear strong directed mindfulness and fearlessness
Relinquishing corporealΒ  affectionsΒ  dissent and doubts and uneasy restlessness
To shun obstructive dogmatism and cynicism the path leading to hollow escapism
And rise above all objections rejections oppression suppression and pessimism

A surreal experience to be airlifted toΒ  exalted heights and delights.

By: Veena Umesh Sood


77 thoughts on “Exalted Heights

  1. invoked a tanka I hope to your delight
    for that’s what your words did for me
    a parachute flight would to me excite
    hot air balloon a flight more time to see
    two hours maybe three many a sight
    comes to mind an ostrich farm is one
    that and much more made the flight
    for all twelve of us loads of jolly fun

    to fly by sailing
    freedom of the mind up high
    it will open eyes
    to feelings of a sound heart
    expressed with integrity

    Got some images from the balloon flight, leave you a pingback when I find them.
    Take care, enjoyed your poem – Mick

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    1. Honestly , I experienced total bliss and realised that everything below was no longer important and we waste our lives in useless pursuits.While happiness lies in a simple content life. Thanks for your comment . May peace prevail. πŸ™‚

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  2. Wow Aunt Veena! Beautifully penned verse. It took me to great astonishment and fills me with appreciation ( I hope, I have written it correctly..!πŸ˜…) that a woman at your age can paraglide. I must congratulate you for this. It’s quite inspiring to many! I wish you have plenty of such delightful flights soon and write many more poems to add joy to our reading experiences. God bless you. 😊

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    1. Hi Smita , thank you so much.I am so happy that you trying your best to overcome your hesitation and are writing so well. Keep working at it and you will notice the difference in some time.Thank you so much and I am happy you liked my post. Thank you for your kind wishes.


    1. Hi,it was a wonderful experience .After the initial hesitation it felt great .Thanks .Hope you a fun filled Christmas and a promising year ahead.lots of love Deepanilamani. Veena😊😊

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  3. Veena, what an absolutely FUNtastic adventure you had! And I enjoyed your poetry prose in describing the motivation, the whole experience, and the added inner rewards you gained from your “flight.” Thank you for letting us share in your joy. πŸ™‚ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your like.Sharing personal experiences has been so enriching,it gives great pleasure to know that they are so many who care and rejoice and share precious moments of your life.It definitely is a wonderful feeling.

      Liked by 1 person

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