Dubious Allegiance – A Covenant Transgressed


The dukedom reveled in exuberant extravaganza with festivities of all conception
The aging duke had yet again found a duchess new the fourth in succession
A shrewd contriver had struck well a beautiful bride befitting lineage a dowry awesome
A rarity to be flaunted before confined to lonely recesses a possession handsome
A banquet to commemorate his achievement was graced by both royalty and nobility
Beaming with pride he filled the wedding chalice and held it to the duchess lips
With quivering hand and a nervous smile the young bride took a few hesitant sips
A heartening applause followed spontaneously the musicians struck a joyous note

All agog the illustrious guest waited for the bridal couple to lead the ball
The bride did blush as the groom brusquely brushed aside the sacred call
His handsome scion rose to the occasion they twirled and swirled glided elegantly
The audience did gasp  to witness such grace and beauty portrayed magnificently
Oblivious to murmurs and heightening undertones they struck a bond of friendship
The duke seething inward vowed to avenge the humiliation and assert his lordship
Blinded by rage he misconstrued the innocent banter the easy laughter and warmth
The jaded eyes beheld  an obscene display of passion a heinous crime brought forth

Within the chambers a vehement outburst a violent display and unleashed fury
Slanderous the attack uncalled unheard the accusations with absence of a jury
Battered and bruised she pledged innocence and the sanctity of the wedding vows
Her plea for forgiveness spurred the onslaught with renewed force the brute aroused
With evil intent he struck and bleeding she fell senseless to his feet a unworthy heap
With a fleering look he strode over the offal and summoned his lackey and groom
The bleeding blight throbbing in pain winced as she was dragged over boulders
A bloody trail up the hill a cumbersome burden for the conscience and shoulders

The woods murky shadows silent dumb the sky grave veiled by a sepulchral shroud
Beneath the nebulous sea furiously foamed rose aggressively intimidating and proud
A mighty heave a swing in the air a stricken cry a ghastly fate she hit the sullen water
The ravenous waves roared and greedily swallowed her concealing macabre slaughter
A covenant was violated all vows defiled vacillating and mercurial the webs of fate
Such trifling an infliction ponderous the implication fatal the outrage  never to abate
The clouds descended with a copious outburst and washed away the bloody trail
Murderous forces triumphed ruthlessly suppressing and decimating the frail.

By: Veena Umesh Sood
Images: Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Dubious Allegiance – A Covenant Transgressed

    1. Thank you so much.This was an attempt to show not much has changed over the ages. Men by the use of brute force get away with everything literally murder.Women are still bartered ,sold and intimidated. Equality is a farce ,a colored mind frame which needs to be addressed.

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