Paradoxical Perceptions

Sunaina my child! Fortune smiles your uncle invites you to the city
Alas! My life will wither away in this obscure village what a pity
My child bring back splendid tales for my thirsting ears and years
Of the metropolis of spectacular sights immerse yourself in it without fear
The angels smile upon you and lead you to witness a magical land
My child you have an escape! A transient getaway from this dead land

Sunaina! Sunaina! She cried in a fevered pitch with curiosity difficult to contain
Sit beside me I do implore let words flow like music without any constraint
The child did smile and with dreamy eyes followed her mother’s biddings
Carefully she tried to channelize the psychedelic ramblings to convey glad tidings
Lost in reverie she mulled and culled the sporadic events of her urban days
An impatient jab an urgent jolt and she was back on familiar runways

Will you not share with me glimpses of history
The magnificent architectural delights that so far have been a mystery
The towering modern structures the shrines the zillion attractions the center of all talks
The memorials the enthralling malls the fountains the arbors and all the pleasure walks
I crave to see them all my beloved to cherish the visuals through your young searching eyes
Her impassioned eloquence and sweet endearments made the child arise

With sparkling eyes and animated speech Sunaina proceeded to unfold the joys she did behold
A sumptuous meal a lavish spread varied assortments and food never to be rationed
A fine bed and not to be huddled in a confined restricted space and absurdly positioned
The steady flow of water from magical spouts the luminous orbs to dispel darkness
An aura so bright to pierce the stillness of the soul and its impenetrable hollowness
The little treasures of knowledge the sheer pleasure to caress the intriguing pages
The widespread assurances and welcoming arms and smiling faces of all ages

Indeed mother I am truly blessed to see such a wonderful city!

By: Veena Umesh Sood

Images: Pinterest

36 thoughts on “Paradoxical Perceptions

    1. Hi ! Randy Thanks your words are always welcome .For a post to be read and commented upon means a lot .I appreciate your keen interest Thanks once again.Hope you have a great day. Its morning at my end .

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    1. Hi ! Thanks love all appreciation. This post is an attempt to bring out the glaring contrast between the obscure rural regions and urban civilization particularly Indian which sadly remain untouched inspite of all the eloquent proclamations of progress and development .Thanks once again for following my blog. The purpose of expression is that it finds readership and another perspective.

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  1. I am fascinated. You have made the scene so alive with your words, as one can imagine oneself. How wonderful to come across such talent. I can never think of putting words together so eloquently. You are a wonderful writer, a gifted one and Blessed πŸ™‚
    I am happy to have come across you in my simple blog just begun, in contrast to my, “Mental Wellness Blog” I have started the new blog for Relaxation, as I too am interested poetry, among many other hobbies I have. Best Luck with your writing. Much Love and Light from me πŸ™‚ ❀

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    1. Hi Deepa ! Pls correct me if I am wrong .Thanks a lot such eloquence and generosity of praise touches my heart . I am truly blessed to get such appreciation .We as bloggers are always eager to share our thoughts and get a feedback. Your blog sounds good I’ll visit it veena

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    1. Thank you. We cry ourselves hoarse about progress and development but the truth is that the rural regions remain untouched.How can the people I the villages progress when they are deprived of the mere basic amenities. How can they give wings to their dreams ? It’s sad.


      1. It is the same scenario here too…the people in the far flung areas who work hard to till the land in order to provide us with the basic necessities are normally he ones left behind..

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  2. this makes me cry. so sweet, so sad, yet with hope. I look to my parents who in aging have taken that turn, realizing their abilities are changing, giving hope to their grand children…

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  3. This is my favourite so far, although I am enjoying all of your poems πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for sharing them and for visiting my place also… I may never have ended up here and that would have been a great loss for me πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi , thanks for the visit.I am glad my compositions appeal to you.It will be a pleasure to follow you .I have just read one of your poems it was really good. I am sure as I dwell deeper in your blog it will give me immense pleasure.Looking forward to it πŸ™‚ Have a great day.

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